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Умные игры картинка

Do you want to become a little smarter, be smart or put some very boring enemy in your belt? We suspect that the answer will be yes. Smart games are created specifically for you - in them you can show your intellect, and at the same time train your logical abilities. Be the most erudite and clever, the rest will surely be envious!

There are many kinds of online games. There are both classic and long-known arcades, as well as new ones based on the latest trends. In the section you will find: Chess online and offline, checkers, backgammon, dominoes, mazes, sea battle, puzzles and of course smart games for children. They contain tasks for the development of logic and imagination, these skills are very important to develop in a child. For those who play with friends, we have added many arcades that allow you to compete together using the same keyboard.

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Игра Сражение кораблей Ship battle
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