Old games

Старые игры картинка

Everyone with joy recalls such a bright time as childhood. Less worries, less problems. One could spend days playing old games with friends or disappearing on the street, not paying attention to bad weather. When you grow up, it no longer turns out to be easy to break away from the routine and just score on everything that bothers you. Despite this, sometimes you need to give yourself a break and escape from the routine for at least a couple of hours.

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Все новое — это хорошо забытое старое

In the 90s, the coolest guys had dandy or sega prefixes. Players gathered at someone’s house and couldn’t tear themselves away from their favorite characters until they complete the game. Here are those that every child loved and knew at that time, and you can easily play old games online:

  • Hunting for ducks. You will play as a hunter who has a faithful and smart dog. The dog will prompt and help you shoot the duck.
  • Mario. Very old arcades about a mustachioed plumber still go out and do not give up their positions, but now they, of course, are completely different.
  • Prince of Persia. The adventures of this Romeo used to be watched by everyone. Oh, how I wanted to finally get to the princess and reunite this beautiful Arab couple. At that time, the prince was just running around the dungeons in search of his betrothed and fighting the guards on the way.

Old does not mean bad

Старые игры

In the modern world, people basically love everything new, with a stick. If you play the game so be sure to just released, which everyone is talking about, including your cat. This approach is not entirely true, old games that define the genre often turn out to be much cooler, but at the same time they make it possible to plunge into the past.

Старая добрая игра тетрис

Yes, perhaps the graphics can push new players. On the other hand, now in the gaming environment there has been a real boom in 8-bit and pixel games. Take at least the sensational minecraft - the graphics are not at the highest level, but playing is still fun and interesting.