Volleyball Games

Игры Волейбол картинка

                                   If you like sports and can’t live without active pastime, but for some reason you can’t go to classes in your favorite section, we offer you alternatives. Volleyball games online will appeal not only to children but also to adults, because they will tell about their favorite sports competition. We have collected a wide variety of types of games, ranging from ordinary sports simulations in which you will need to defeat an opposing team and ending with arcades in which you can train your reaction, beating one ball flying at you, after another.

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The game of volleyball was invented in 1895 by an American teacher of physical education. He pulled a tennis net across the hall, and his students began to throw the ball through it. The first rules appeared in 1897. There were described the size of the field, the height of the grid and other technical parameters. However, in these rules there was almost no indication of how the game should go, including the number of team members who were supposed to be on the court. In the entire history of volleyball, the rules have changed and improved several times, but the most important of them, the number of people on the court, was determined only in 1918. Volleyball became very popular due to the simplicity of the rules, the accessibility of everything that is needed for competitions and good advertising.

Игры волейбол

Screenshot from International Volleyball 2009, Idoru and Layernet.

In Soviet schools, this game became very popular, although usually they didn’t play volleyball itself, but one of its modifications - pioneer ball. It was allowed to grab the ball with his hands, which became a decisive factor in her choice, since thanks to this, almost everyone could compete in it. Therefore, it has become a wonderful sport for children. But only 2 types of volleyball got into the Olympic program - standard and beach. The second is interesting for fewer players and the very setting and rules, slightly different from the standard ones. The rules for all the time were constantly improved, and the teams continued to come up with new combinations and feints. Today, volleyball is one of the most popular sports. It is also of interest that time does not play a role in volleyball, since the game is played for the result, which is inherent in very few sports.

Computer games

Volleyball also entered the virtual world - many simulators that allow you to compete for one of the team members, as well as third-person games in which you could fight for a real team or create your own, while tournament modes, careers, training and all other things standard for this type of simulator were also available . Volleyball was widely manifested in the field of flash games, so popular in Russia.

Flash volleyball

Of course, volleyball has not passed and the flash game industry. Now everyone has the opportunity to play volleyball online. Many free arcades of this genre will allow you to relax and have fun. Management in the niches is carried out either with the mouse or the keyboard (more convenient). You can move around the field and jump, beating the ball goes automatically. Numerous fans in the stands and commentators will not let you get bored. You can choose the country for which you will play and the uniform for your heroes. Professionals from various countries will become your opponents, and you can adjust their complexity or play a dynamic tournament for the World Cup. Winning some computer rivals can sometimes become really difficult, but if it will not be difficult for you, then we can please you with good news - you can fight with your friend at the same keyboard and find out which of you is stronger.

Игры волейбол

Screenshot from International Volleyball 2009, Idoru and Layernet.

The rules are very well developed in these games, so no one can play 4 touches or score an opponent far beyond the line and still get points. And a huge number of various feints and techniques will allow you to deal with the enemy team in many ways and develop your own battle style. Good graphics and a clear picture will give you the opportunity to get used to the atmosphere of volleyball battles and completely immerse yourself in this world. Become the god of volleyball with the help of numerous flash arcades, each of which is similar and unlike the previous one.