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Игры Теннис картинка

                                   On our site you can find a lot of all kinds of game genres, but we pay special attention to sports simulators, because thanks to the simulators, children learn about all kinds of active sports and first in the online space, and then in the real world they begin to strive to become the first in this or that sports industry. Free tennis games online, located on our site, will help children get comfortable in this sport and maybe even become crucial in order to enroll in one of the sections.

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The predecessor of tennis is the French game, in which the ball was hit by hands, and which could be played by up to 12 people at a time. And although modern tennis appeared only in the 19th century, ancient versions of this sporting competition appeared before the beginning of 15. But most of its history this game was inaccessible to ordinary people, and kings and feudal lords mainly competed in it. As we already said, at first they played tennis with their hands, but then people started using special gloves, and then bats.

Игры теннис

Screenshot from Sid Meier's Civilization V, SEGA-AM3 and Sega.

Первая привычная нам ракетка была изобретена только в 16 веке и не перестает совершенствоваться до сих пор. Раньше не было и привычных кортов, а люди играли в специальных залах, которые, кстати, обычно содержались в не самом хорошем состоянии и использовались для совершенно разных нужд, кроме самих соревнований. Сейчас игры в теннис проводятся на специализированных кортах – площадках, помеченных белой разметкой и поделенных на зоны, с искусственной или натуральной травой, через которые натянута сетка. Ширина корта различается в зависимости от того, какое количество человек присутствует на площадке.

Игры теннис

Screenshot from Sid Meier's Civilization V, SEGA-AM3 and Sega.

Only 1-on-1 tournaments are being held now and 2 by 2, but duels are still more popular. In addition to the standard types of tennis, there are various variations, some of which even host tournaments. Rackets and balls are also constantly being improved and made from both artificial and natural materials.

Tabletop option

No less popular (if not more) than the classic one, is a game of tabletop tennis (ping pong). Although the size of ping-pong tables is strictly regulated, they are made of different materials, and their color is different - they are green (standard), blue and black. According to the desktop version, various tournaments and championships are also held.

Tennis in computer games

Like any other game, the computer industry has not passed this sport. Moreover, tennis was one of the first sports games to hit mobile phones. Fairly good mechanics and graphics and interesting gameplay ensured popularity and forced to develop this series. Now on computers there are many varieties of paid and free games about tennis, ranging from simple arcades to serious simulators and managers.

Flash games

Of course, a popular sport appeared in flash -games, and in many different variations, and here are some of them:

Standard option

Compete according to the standard rules, fully control the character, use different feints to defeat a computer opponent or your real friend. Playing tennis online is very interesting, but alas, simulators cannot boast of such good graphics.

2 on 2

Team up with your friend to win at the computer in a 2 on 2 competition. Games This series will be much more complicated and will require a well-coordinated teamwork. This is a great way to spend time in the company of a friend.

Table competitions

In this type of arcade you control racquets and fight against a computer or live opponent according to standard rules. This section contains the best representatives of this subgenre, so you can play table tennis online and enjoy the battles with your friends for free.

Football competitions

A very unusual kind of tennis. You control two football players on the court, and your task is to score a soccer ball on the territory of the opponent (as well as in the standard version of the competition) using your head and legs. Complete the entire campaign or play against the computer in a single match. You can also test your strength in a battle with your friends at the same keyboard.