Games Parkour

Игры Паркур картинка

                                   Modern youth, in addition to ordinary sports, such as football, volleyball and basketball, also prefers informal ones. Such sports, for some, become just a game, for some, entertainment with friends, but someone chooses them as their lifestyle. One of these sports is parkour. He appeared in Russia recently, but even in a short time, he gained great fame in large million-plus cities. But not everyone can do it on the street. Parkour online games are available for free and will help boys and girls enjoy this activity. Jump through buildings and run at high speed!

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Что это такое

It is very interesting to play parkour, but let's find out how this youth movement appeared, so we will try to open the curtain of secrecy before you.

Игры паркур

Screenshot from Mirror's Edge, DICE, Electronic Arts, Valve Corporation.

The word parkour is translated from English as an obstacle course, which characterizes this activity very well. But you need to understand that the obstacle course will be not only physical (barriers, roofs, walls), but also psychological, requiring a person to have a deep spiritual and moral development.

The art of parkour is the ability to feel and control your body, always be calm and prudent, as well as quickly assess the situation and their abilities. It reminds of something like professional martial arts, where before teaching people to use dangerous techniques, it is always agreed that they will be used only if there is a threat of serious harm to themselves and their loved ones.

For some reason, many consider that parkour is just jumping on rooftops, benches and other obstacles. And among the people, there is an opinion that it is very easy to do this - you just need to go to special sites and start training, but this is a very strong misconception. Unlike football and other sports, where you just need to enroll in a section and run across the field, passing the ball to each other to start doing parkour, you need a lot of skills, and most importantly, not only physical, but also spiritual development.

These tracers (people who do parkour) must have a good reaction, the ability to completely control their body, and to the flesh to certain muscles, and good physical and spiritual development before starting to "ride on the roofs". Before starting, overcoming even the most insignificant obstacles, the average tracer takes from 1 to 2 years to prepare. At this time, for the general development of your body and reaction, it’s perfect: playing tennis, long-distance running, hurdling, rock climbing and similar sports.

In schools, professional tracers teach students meditation, self-knowledge, concentration and a number of their own exercises to help you feel your body, feel your life, your energy and your strength. Such training perfectly tempers will, attentiveness and helps to cope with the anger of especially hot-tempered natures.

The occurrence of parkour

The history of the movement is divided into several unrelated stages occurring in different places and in different time. The progenitor of parkour, is considered the so-called "Natural method" that appeared in France at the very beginning of the 20th century. The philosophy of this movement was the constant physical and spiritual development, control of their feelings and the desire for self-knowledge. The training program for the Natural Method included such disciplines as long-distance running, hurdling, martial arts, long jumps, over obstacles and from great heights. But serious attention was paid to spiritual development. As it was then said - “tempering the spirit and mind.”

But the history of the movement with the name parkour began in 1997, when David Belle, who had previously been engaged in self-training alone, recorded and posted several videos and shows on the Internet all over the world their achievements. After these videos were distributed all over the Internet, Bellem founded a whole school through which he began to promote his ideology among the masses. Over time, Davido gained a lot of followers, not only in France, but around the world. For his lessons, David did not take a penny of money. In the future, one of his followers, Sebastien Foucan, began to take money for parkour lessons, which strongly contradicted the ideology promoted by David, because of which Foucan left the group and founded his movement - free run Free Run (free run).

Computer games

Parkour games for boys became excellent entertainment, which at the same time combined their physical security and adrenaline-causing activity.

Игра паркур

Screenshot from Mirror's Edge, DICE companies, Electronic Arts, Valve Corporation.

Only one game was released for the computer and about parkour, which is called Mirror's Edge. She was born in 2009 and won the attention of many gamers with her unusualness and gameplay. In it, you fell into the future and you were asked to go through a series of dangerous tasks to find and transfer packages with information avoiding enemies trying to take hold of them and jumping on the roofs.

The famous series will be Prince of Persia, where fights are perfectly combined , puzzles and jumping on window sills, running on walls and climbing on protruding stones.

Flash games in parkour are most often represented by ordinary runners, in which you have to overcome dangerous cliffs and climb high buildings.