Hockey Games

Игры Хоккей картинка

                                   A variety of sports has gradually come into our lives since very ancient times. First, primitive ball games appeared, then Olympic competitions were created, and after that, such a sport as hockey appeared. But you will learn about the history of this sport by reading the description of this category. In the meantime, we present to you online hockey games that are freely available on our site. If for some reason you do not want to go on the ice, but at the same time love this game, then welcome. With us you can play hockey for free!

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It is not known exactly when hockey appeared, there are many versions regarding this. However, the options for this game are also very many and they are common in different countries. Standard hockey is an ice-covered field with two small gates, in which 12 people (2 goalkeepers and 10 field team members), divided into two teams, are trying to score a black puck into each other's goal. This is the most popular type of competition.

Игры хоккей

Screenshot from NHL 13, EA Canada and EA Sports.

In addition to it there are also: hockey (instead of the puck a small hard ball is used), a roller (on roller skates), on the grass (the game is played on the grass, although they now use special artificial coatings), as well as hockey, in which they compete with a plastic ball and clubs. Hockey was very popular in the Soviet Union when our team became the world champion. But the popularity of this sport did not fade even after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and our team still won brilliant victories.

The board game of hockey was very popular and is still popular. It was necessary to control hockey players using special pens and try to drive the puck into the opponent’s goal.

At the end of the 1960s, the game of air hockey was invented, in which, using a special bat, you need to score the puck into the opponent’s goal. The game gained wildly popularity and soon tables for it began to be produced on a very large scale.

Computer games

Because of its popularity, hockey was transferred to computer games quite early and immediately became very popular. In some we were offered to be a team member or goalkeeper, in others - to become a team leader and manage the competition looking “from above”, in the third we played air hockey ... But besides them you can find flash games about hockey for boys and girls, about which we are now and let’s tell.

Flash hockey

In this type of arcade, your task is to win the match by scoring the most goals into the opponent’s goal and not allowing yourself to score. Different levels of difficulty and different duration of the match will allow you to customize the game “for your beloved”. You can manage the whole team, one player or goalkeeper - choose your style. The computer here is very smart and can become a serious opponent for you, and if you become such a skilled hockey player that the computer will no longer seem to you a threat, then you can always try your hand at fighting a real opponent. All hockey rules are present and implemented in games of this genre. Also pleases with a large number of power tricks.


Become a hockey player and grow from a green beginner into a seasoned professional. Choosing a team and a place on the field, serious trials, tournaments, fierce brawls and conflicts with the judges - this is what awaits you on this difficult path. Become a hockey legend and lead your team to victory.

Игры хоккей

Screenshot from NHL 13, EA Canada and EA Sports.

Here you can also train, change the form of the team or its composition. If you want serious collisions, then you can always fight with a real opponent.

Air hockey

If you like to play air hockey, then our online arcades are especially for you. Control the cue ball and score the puck into the opponent’s goal. Pass a tournament in which each opponent will be stronger than the previous one or compete in free mode, independently choosing the complexity of your opponent and the time of the match. Here you can’t cheat by grabbing the puck with a cue ball or defending yourself with your hand. It is also impossible to send a cue ball to the opponent’s goal together with a puck or hit a puck on its territory. Only fair play! If you want to fight a real opponent, then here it is also possible! This is where the system of fair battles comes in handy!