Games Billiards

Игры Бильярд картинка

                                   Billiards is a game for intellectuals, it would seem that they can roll balls on the table and put them in the holes. We assure you, everything is completely wrong. In order to get into the hole during a game of billiards, you first need to calculate everyone - the trajectory and impact force, at what angle to position the cue, and at the same time not to forget about your opponent and, if possible, create him such a situation from which It’s hard to get out with a regular hit

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История бильярда

The game itself appeared so long ago that no one will even remember. Even they still argue about the country of origin - whether it was Asia, or still India, or maybe the Chinese even came up with a game. The tables themselves began to be made in ancient times, but could not find the right material.

Игры бильярд

Billiards - has always been for the privileged segments of the population, however, it remains so, because few people can afford to have a pool table at home because of its bulkiness.

Varieties and how to play

The game has billiards in several varieties and all of them can be divided by country:

  • carom (French);
  • русский (у него нет дополнительного названия);
  • American pool;
  • English snooker.

You can play billiards in full screen in this section. Here are a variety of types of this arcade, including the above. A true connoisseur understands that in fact there are a lot of variations, so if you are looking for entertainment for the evening, then you are already very close to the goal.

Восьмерка в игре бильярд

Among the games there are more interesting subgenres that you definitely will not meet in real life. For real men, there are even games with a girl to strip. Some arcades combine two passions at once: for example, bombs are added to ordinary balls and you can blow them up, or play balls like in tanks. Even for the smallest there is an arcade to their liking - they can play billiards along with the Angry Birds.