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Игры Баскетбол картинка

                                   Basketball is one of the most popular games of our time and is not much inferior even to football. And although most boys still want to become football players, basketball games are also interesting to many and large matches are gathered by entire stadiums of fans. True, it is worth noting that primarily basketball is developed in America, while in Russia it is not popular. However, some schools have sections devoted to this sport. But not everyone has the opportunity to study at school, so we have put together for you the best free basketball games that you can play online without registering.

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История появления

Before playing basketball online, let's find out how this wonderful game appeared. For the first time, basketball appeared in the USA, and, relatively to other games, more recently, only at the beginning of the 20th century. Surprisingly, he was invented, an ordinary physical education teacher, who hung two baskets with a bottom cut out to a height of several meters and made his students try to hit them with a ball. Such an exercise, in his opinion, excellently trained coordination, and jumping also strengthened the muscles of the legs. In addition, studen liked the entertainment very much, after only half a year the whole school was playing this game. After 10 months, in 1892, the teachers invented the first rules of team play, then the first team competitions appeared. In the future, the rules were greatly revised and changed, special equipment appeared for the area where matches were held, and basketball itself spread to most schools in the district.

Игры баскетбол

Screenshot from NBA 2K13, Visual Concepts and 2K Sports.

Today, although basketball is not very popular in Russia and there are really very few strong and famous players, we still participate in many major world competitions and sometimes even win prizes. And in the physical education program of each school there is a certain period of time in which children are taught to throw balls into baskets. In other countries, things are much better, sporting events are often held there, gathering a lot of fans in huge stadiums.

Creation and development of computer basketball games

One of the first and most famous games, based on the famous sport, Electronic Arts has released a game called One on One: Dr. J vs. Larry Bird, which worked at that time on computers Apple II, Macintosh, as well as on the DOS operating system. One on One was a pseudo 3D graphic simulator, where a static field unfurled before you on the screen with a basket hanging a few meters high. And you had to beat your opponent (1 on 1) to throw the ball into the basket.

The next stage of development was Tecmo NBA Basketball, which appeared in 1992, exclusively on the NES platform, known to us as Dandy and representing the first 8-bit team simulator that allows playing not just one, but several players at once.

Игры баскетбол

Screenshot from NBA 2K13, Visual Concepts and 2K Sports.

In the future, this genre became widespread, and in 2001 the first NBA Street game developed by the company with excellent graphics and realistic gameplay appeared EA Games for Sony PlayStation 2 consoles. Later, it was EA Games that became a leader in this gaming industry releasing more and more perfect and realistic simulators every year.

Free online basketball games, more often than not they are a team simulator, but simply throwing the ball into the basket from different distances and at different engines. In principle, this is quite an interesting and addictive lesson that will surely appeal to both boys and girls.

New development in the mobile world

In addition to online projects, in various mobile stores of the largest mobile operating systems , you can find many arcades and even basketball simulations. Many of them are available free of charge, but some may require payment. Prices for such arcades are small and rarely exceed the bar of 100-150 rubles. In the arcades you can check your accuracy and ability to throw balls in the basket. Of the interesting and unusual options, it is possible to note a 2D simulator in which you need to throw the ball into a basket located on the other end of the screen. But to do this is not at all easy, because you will be disturbed by birds, planes, balloons and even bad weather. In most of these games, control will be carried out using familiar touch gestures, but sometimes the arrow keys can also be used. Basketball has firmly entered our lives and will be popular for a very long time.