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Спортивные игры картинка

Sports have long been an integral part of our lives. Someone is engaged in it every day, going to the pool, running in the mornings and pulling up on the uneven bars, while someone is only at physical education classes and playing football with their friends, but an active lifestyle affects almost every one of us. In addition to doing outdoor activities, many people want to play sports at home and just study this category with sports games!

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Игра Стикмен Теннис 3D Stickman Tennis 3D
4.4 | || 269
Игра Векс 2 Vex 2
4.1 || | 469
Игра Векс 4 Veks 4
Игра Бильярд Змейка Snake billiards
4.4 | || 874
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Как появились спортивные игры?

With the development of the computer industry, moving competitions from real life to virtual was only a matter of time. The first to appear were tennis simulators, which are two sticks moving in different directions and throwing a small pixel ball from bottom to top. With improved graphics, the first football simulators appeared. By the year 2000, the first more or less realistic football arcades were released. The gameplay in them allowed running around with the ball, punching goals, giving passes to their team and catching balls for the goalkeeper.

And in 2006, sports games underwent even more serious changes, the opponent’s artificial intelligence improved greatly, fans appeared able watch the match and react violently when the most exciting moments arise, commentators were introduced for realism. And in order to score the ball into the goal, it began to require even more effort. Other sports games did not develop as fast as football games, but also underwent strong changes, becoming more realistic and interesting. Today, you can play sports 3D simulations online, without having to download and install them on your computer.