Simple games

Простые игры картинка

In a person’s life, a lot of things are complicated and incomprehensible. Involuntarily, I want to return to something light and elementary, like twice two. Do not reinvent the wheel, but take the finished one and go. In this case, simple games are perfect, with them you definitely will not have any difficulties. Usually their rules are simple enough to immediately join the process and play without stopping.

Creating simple games for children is actually a little more complicated than it might seem. You have to simplify some processes, you need to see what exactly the child can do, and what does not have enough knowledge and skills. To make smarts with an online arcade is much easier, you add a big plot there, pumping characters, some other piece - it's ready, a complicated game is created. The category includes Mahjongs, series 3 in a row, Sea battle, Balls, Agario and other arcades that allow you to turn off your head.

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Игра Злые рыбки Angry fish
3.5 | || 284
Игра Драйв Такси Taxi Drive
3.8 || | 508
Игра Король Дрифта Ио King Drift Io
4 | || 947
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