Office games

Офисные игры картинка

There are days in the office when there is absolutely nothing to do. It’s unbearably boring, you cannot leave work early - the schedule is the same, but there’s nothing to do at all - the work is zero. In this difficult time for you, turn on office games, they will help to at least slightly defuse the situation. This is a classic game of logic or the most common killer of time, so as not to get upset from longing in the workplace.

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Игра Летучие мыши Bats
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Офисные развлечения

Being an office employee is still a task. The working day is huge, but there is not always so much work to fill it all. Sometimes all this routine is just so sick of it that you want, at least for a short while, to forget about it and have a little fun. Now the Internet is full of online games without registration for every taste.

Офисные игры

If you find it difficult to make a choice, see this list of the most popular office games:

  • mahjong (you need to find paired cards and remove them from the table, the one who removes all the cards wins) ;
  • balls (connect bubbles of the same color and earn points, most often you need to clear the entire field to go to a new level);
  • solitaire (the most common are the scarf and the solitaire, in them everything is simple - you need to sort the cards into specific groups);
  • three in a row (a great killer of time - collect figures on tr and in a row, they disappear, you continue to play until you reach all the goals of the level);
  • classic logic games (here you are presented with sudoku, chess, backgammon - it’s very easy to choose).

Simplicity and convenience

Офисная игра пасьянс

To play office games, you only need a mouse. In such toys, most often, control is carried out by clicking or dragging objects (for example, for solitaire games). Be careful, office games are addictive and now you will not notice how many hours have passed, and the work has not been done, an evil boss lurked behind you and you are one step away from dismissal.