Board games

Настольные игры картинка

Since olden times people, gathering at a table or just for friendly gatherings, entertained themselves with various games. Previously, it was also fun for courage and endurance - drag a rope or climb onto a pole. Later, other games appeared, and now board games for children and adults are presented to your attention. This is a great way to have fun during a celebration or an ordinary family dinner.

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Настолки — это модно

It’s very convenient that right now some material objects are not required for the game. After all, as it used to be - a bunch of different cards, chips and other things, something was necessarily lost and you even had to play a deck without several cards. Now board games are your key to salvation, they definitely will not lose a single detail, and you will always play the full version.

Настольные игры

To play board games online can people of any age and gender. They are available to absolutely anyone, if you wish, you can even teach your kid to play certain arcades, especially since after that you do not have to rake up all the mess that he would arrange with a regular paper version.

Types of board games

There are board games with dice and chips, there are various solitaire games and more. Pay attention to the following list of the most popular arcades:

  • Chess. Of course, where without them. In Russia during feasts, a somewhat simplified version - checkers - is more common. In online arcades, everything really has a board, there are pieces, there are rules. If you don’t know how to play, you can at least practice and learn.
  • Backgammon. You need to rearrange your chips, passing through the entire field, on the side where the opponent’s chips stood. He, in turn, does the same. Whoever copes first, he won.
  • Sudoku. Great intellectual arcade. You need to insert numbers into the cells, but make sure that they are not repeated horizontally, vertically and inside the box. The difficulty levels are different, suitable for both beginners and those who are already an experienced player.