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Игры Зомботрон картинка

                                   Space platformers have always attracted the attention of young gamers. Free online games zombotron 2, a time machine that you can play on our site, is no exception. Everything happens in space. Sometimes problems with management can lead to the fact that you have to land in little-known places, which leads to unexpected adventures. Managing a biorobot, you will have to confront evil zombies and mutants of various stripes, because only having defeated the enemy and saved civilization from evil can you hope for a successful return home. An unobtrusive soundtrack and great graphics will contribute to the enjoyment of the game.

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Население планеты Зомботрон

You can find yourself on a foreign planet for various reasons, but not everyone succeeds in “making legs” in time to “make legs”. Your task is to help the biorobot get out safe and sound from the alteration, while destroying the numerous zombies that for some time have occupied a dominant position on the planet. Everything that is happening around, except as hell, to call the language does not turn. Disgusting monsters captivated everything. There are many of them, they are different, one is more nasty than the other. It’s good that these creatures are not very picky, sometimes they are ready to turn their heads to each other.

Игры Зомботрон

However, if it becomes easier, it does not last long. Zombies are here at every turn. Large and small, somewhat similar to people and completely different from them, they can appear from anywhere. Some of them are dangerous only at close range, while others can cause harm from afar. The games Zombotron 2 and the time machine make it clear to us that this planet was previously inhabited by people or creatures very reminiscent of them. What and when went wrong, now no longer find out. The most important thing is to try to escape and get out of this nightmare. First you need to clean up a lot of laboratories from evil and get to the leader, who sends you numerous squads of robots and zombie fighters. Destroying the leader is far from easy, because his intellect is much cooler than that of most brainless creatures meekly following his orders.

How to help the robot get rid of zombies

In order to learn how to play in zombotron 2 and the time machine online, as well as for your robot to successfully deal with zombies, you are required to show some skill in managing.

  • The WASD keys are responsible for the movement of the bio-robot.
  • You need to aim and shoot with the mouse.
  • The E key will help to open the deadbolts and bring to work many numerical arrangements.
  • You can reload weapons using the R key.
  • Pressing the Q button will enable you to change one type of weapon to another.
  • You can use the help by pressing H
  • Нажатием клавиши ESC или P можно временно остановить игру. Повторное нажатие одной из этих клавиш приведет к возобновлению игрового процесса.
  • It’s convenient that from time to time a luminous prompt appears on the playing field (Free games zombotron 2 and a time machine in Russian, but the very first part no luck and it is only in English!).
  • Hordes of monsters can be destroyed not only with weapons. Having shown ingenuity, you can push them together with your foreheads, drop the boxes on them, try to lure them under the press, etc.
  • At the beginning of each level you receive a special task, only by fulfilling all the proposed conditions, you can move on longer. Destroying zombies, you can pick up money, which later will be very useful. In addition, in the chests you can also find a lot of necessary things, but be careful, in the chest, along with some useful abilities, monsters may turn out to be ready for surprises of this kind, do not let yourself be taken by surprise.

B Zombotron all parts are good

Game Zombotron is an exciting shooting game - a platform game in which you can play and replay many times. Good physics of the game, along with a fascinating storyline and excellent work of animators contribute to the fact that many people are fighting with interest on the Zombotron in the second round. And although in the first part there isn’t such an abundance of enemies and a little less weapon, but it doesn’t get worse from this. The game is so interesting that even the lack of a Russian-language menu does not stop those who want to play.

In the second part, it pleases with an abundance of weapons and some additional features. There is a car equipped with a gun and a lot of pleasant surprises. There is an opportunity to play in additional levels, having solved the quests in which you will get the opportunity to replenish your supplies profitably. But there were plenty of enemies with traps in the game, so caution should not be forgotten.

Игра Зомботрон 2

Another part of the Zombotron is called the Time Machine. In it, the storyline unfolds somewhat differently. If robots descended on the planet in the first two parts, then in this, after a series of newly discovered circumstances, it turns out that a person is hiding in a suit. The plot is also supplemented by a meeting with a beautiful Amazon named Fina, who miraculously escaped death with her father. The task here will be complicated by the fact that at some levels one will have to take care not only of one’s own safety, but also of the girl’s life.

No matter how many games and battles with zombies are waiting for you ahead, do not forget that you have to reveal the secret of a mysterious planet. Do it as quickly as possible. The victory over the monsters is not far off. Start playing zombotron 2 online for free on our portal and you definitely won’t regret it.