Games Plasma explosion

Игры Взрыв плазмы картинка

                                   To be one on one in the fight against a large enemy, and not just try to survive, but also to protect humanity, this is what awaits brave action buffs. Free plasma explosion games 1 and 2 available online, feature an exciting storyline and excellent physics. Enemies are everywhere. They have powerful weapons and are burning with a great desire to kill you. But it’s easy to miscalculate, especially when dealing with a steep marine who is ready for anything to save his native planet. Inveterate gamers will definitely appreciate such a successful explosive mixture of an action shooter with a shooter.

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Не дай взрыву плазмы произойти

All plasma explosion games are top-notch shooters. The defense of civilization is not a joke, which means the mission assigned to the brave marine is complex and dangerous. With any development of the plot, one thing is clear. It is necessary to survive, to prove to the enemy that you are better, stronger, more resilient and more resourceful. And one more, perhaps the most important thing, you can not allow uncontrolled use of plasma. Incredible efforts must be made to save humanity. One powerful explosion may be enough for the planet to simply cease to exist. Whatever the task initially posed to the hero might seem, and the main goal is invariably the salvation of civilization.

The brave man needs not only to land on an alien planet, but also to fulfill a secret task perfectly entrusted to him. At the same time, you will need to constantly build up your own power, improve existing skills and quickly navigate the terrain, despite the fact that everything is alien and unfamiliar.

Control features and tactics in the game

So , the goal is very clear. It is necessary to land on the planet, arm, and then immediately open fire on the enemy. Destruction of the enemy - this is the goal that must be achieved to move to the next level. The movement of the hero is carried out using the arrows or the WASD key combination generally accepted in games of this kind. You will start to shoot using the left mouse button. Keys with numbers will allow you to change weapons. In some cases, before you continue moving, you should stop and look at everything. It will never hurt to assess the situation adequately. In addition, it will be easy and simple to do this with the mouse.

Игры Взрыв плазмы

When moving from one level of the game to another, never forget to improve your warrior. Remember that its endurance and accuracy depends on this. The more often this is done, the cooler the fighter will become. Also know that any of the levels can be replayed. This will give you the opportunity to earn extra points and better upgrade. Aimed fire to the head neutralizes the enemy instantly. At the same time, using logic, you can shoot not only at the enemy himself, but also undermine containers with an insignificant amount of plasma, which, in turn, will explode and damage the enemy.

Игра Взрыв плазмы 2

In the first part of the shooter, weapons are limited, but the game Plasma Explosion 2 offers an impressive arsenal of choice. Finding a growing number of ultramodern powerful weapons, bazookas, flamethrowers and other necessary things that can also be improved, you can subsequently give the enemy a worthy rebuff. Energy and health can also be replenished by destroying the enemy and capturing resources hidden in enemy mazes. Many people think that shooting games are not suitable for children because of cruelty and fear that such games will affect children badly. But when you play plasma explosion 2 online, you will always have the opportunity in the settings to reduce the amount of blood on the screen. The meaning of what is happening from this will not change much, but it will be perceived by others a little differently. a crystal was discovered with incredible characteristics. The energy contained within him would be enough to wipe all life from the face of the Earth. The inhabitants of a distant planet didn’t want to share their crystal in a good way, on the contrary, they began to conduct developments that could destroy everything around with the help of an explosion. The best minds of mankind have long since opened portals, but they still haven’t been able to use them to perfection.

Небольшой экскурс в историю

В старые давние времена, когда все только начиналось, учеными на одной из вновь открытых планет был обнаружен кристалл, обладающий неимоверными характеристиками. Энергии, заключенной внутри него хватило бы, для того чтобы стереть с лица Земли все живое. Жители далекой планеты своим кристаллом по-хорошему поделиться не захотели, напротив стали вести разработки, способные при помощи взрыва уничтожить все вокруг. Лучшие умы человечества уже давно открыли порталы, но вот пользоваться ими в совершенстве пока еще не получается.

It was such a series of events that preceded the landing of a brave paratrooper and his partner in the first and second parts of the free game, a plasma explosion who, instead of being in the past and doing everything in order to direct the plasma energy into a peaceful channel, are forced to confront enemies from the future. In addition, during the flight the partner disappears somewhere. As a result, you need to not only fight the enemy, but also help a friend out of trouble.

It should be noted that in the second part of the game, the character has more options for choosing and improving weapons. At the same time, the number of enemies is increasing. In addition, the physics of the game itself is becoming more perfect. In the third part, the super fighter will have to find a secret laboratory, which is guarded by an army of alien robots. As soon as one of them notices the target, then everyone else will know about it instantly. This ability of the enemy to telepathy complicates the task very much, but the impossible for a good player does not exist. In addition, the shooter itself is so interesting that there will probably be many more parts ahead.