Games Bad ice cream for two

Игры Плохое мороженое на двоих картинка

                                   Love adventures and fun arcades? A very kind and tasty game of bad ice cream for two - a free online walker that you can play on your own or in a pair is waiting for you! Hurry up, because she took possession of the hearts of many young gamers already. To make ice cream more tasty, supplementing it with fruits and berries, this is your main task. Collecting fruits in ice mazes is very entertaining. And given the fact that on the way you need to overcome a lot of obstacles, this action becomes interesting not only for boys and girls, such an entertaining game can easily become an excellent entertainment for the whole family.

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Вкусный геймплей игры плохое мороженое

In ice cream games, logic, battle with the enemy and extreme are combined. It would seem that it could be easier than adding fruits to ice cream, but no, our ice cream has to get them on its own, and all in the care of becoming tastier. At the very beginning, it is necessary to determine not only the number of people. And with which portion of ice cream each of the people will manage.

During the game, you need to collect various fruits and berries, as well as other nutritional supplements that can improve the treat and make it good. To cope with this task will have to confront the enemies, each of which is a lover of sweets. If you try, you can neutralize them, walled up in the walls of ice. However, be careful, each of the enemies inherent in one or another ability. Some people themselves can crush the ice walls or make you all sorts of minor dirty tricks.

Online games bad ice cream for two, stand out by one feature - a collision with the enemy is deadly. However, when playing a doubles game, the surviving portion can always play the level alone. The goal will be fulfilled if no fruit remains on the field. Be careful when building ice traps. If you accidentally brick up the fruits, then you will have to release them from the ice fetters. Do not be surprised if suddenly bananas, kiwi or coffee beans decide to run away from you. Some ingredients in this game, obviously, just do not want to be eaten.

Released versions

The first part of this fascinating logic walker was released back in 2007. Despite this, she has not lost her popularity to date. It is clear that each of the following parts has more advanced graphics. The ice labyrinths flicker brighter, and the fruits look more appetizing. The game bad ice cream 2, in addition to graphics, received a number of other improvements, for example, enemies became more intelligent, and it became even more difficult to get fruits. In addition, the damage to the arcade has become more interesting and varied, and the abilities of evil monsters are more balanced. More recently, the bad ice cream 3 free game released has brought even more changes. Here and even more improved intelligence of opponents, and their new types, and new abilities for our main characters.

Игры Плохое мороженое

Sometimes during the game you just catch yourself thinking that it would be nice to eat strawberries or eat a juicy bunch of ripe grapes. By the way, on the field all the fruits appear in a well-defined sequence. So, without collecting all the fruits of one kind, one simply cannot succeed in overcoming the collection of others. On the bar, located at the bottom of the playing field you can see which fruits or berries you need to collect at each individual level. Fragrant coconuts and fragrant oranges, juicy cherries and bunches of ripe grapes, coffee beans, kiwi and lemons all this delicious abundance should become fillers for your goodies and turn it from bad to best.

Game tactics and management features favorite treat

In any of the series of games, the levels change from simple to more complex. Before heading into the endless ice labyrinths, you should work out a certain tactic and deal with management. Your ice cream, moving, builds ice blocks or destroys them if necessary. In order to do such tricks, just use the space bar. Note that the character himself must be deployed in this direction in the right direction. All movements are controlled using the arrow keys. In the case of two people passing by, the second person uses the WASD keys to move.

This player will have to control the ice blocks with the F key. And so, the enemy can, and even needs to be neutralized, but for this you need to deprive him the ability to move around, walled up in an ice maze. At the same time, keep in mind that picking fruits is a delicate matter; it is possible that the next-class sweets will appear under the enemy’s nose. Playing bad ice cream 2 and 3 for two or even alone is not at all easy, but the most important thing is not to forget about time, it’s limited for each level.

Игра Плохое мороженое 2

The ultimate goal of the level is undoubtedly to neutralize the enemy and collect all the delicious ingredients. However, in the pair game there is another important point. Collecting more fruits becomes the owner of the crown. However, one should not be especially zealous about this, because the struggle for the crown can end in tears. Defeating a common enemy and successfully moving to the next level, investing in the time allotted for this, is much more important. In addition, with the death of one portion of ice cream, the second can lead the team to victory, completing the collection of items on their own. Games about bad ice cream are fascinating and interesting, and wandering around the ice archipelago, moving from one island to another and mastering new mazes is very cool. Play and win, and then your ice cream will be the most delicious in the whole world.