Games Heroes of the shock detachment

Игры Герои ударного отряда картинка

                                   Very colorful, original and exciting plot platformers are online games of the heroes of the shock squad 2 and 3, and they can be played for free right in this section. These platformers are in demand not only by young shooters, but also are of interest to experienced gamers of the older generation. Excellent physics and the ability to control not a single character, but a whole team distinguishes these actions from the general series of shooters for boys. The abundance of weapons and the mass of opportunities in order to achieve the noble goal, which, as always, is the salvation of mankind, makes them especially popular.

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Общий командный дух — залог победы

A united and striving team to achieve its goal is always great, and given that it consists of real pros who can destroy an entire army and even more so. Games heroes of the shock detachment erected today in a cult. The completed plot of each individually selected mission, the presence of a huge arsenal of weapons and excellent graphics contributed a lot to this. This shooter has a lot of fans, but there are even more who want to feel like a coordinator of the actions of super fighters.

Игры Герои ударного отряда

It is especially noteworthy that each of the fighters has their own equipment and weapons. This is what makes each member of the special forces demanded and indispensable, and the game even more interesting. One of them has certain skills, the other is trained differently. But they are all professionals, persistent and hardy, fearless and courageous. The abundance of weapons and equipment makes each of the defenders of mankind a bright personality. Moreover, all of them are one team with a high goal, and ready to achieve everything for its achievement.

Features of team management

During the next mission, you can change not only the players, but also their weapons. It is not difficult to do this, and given the fact that the weapons in the arsenal are more than 65 units and uniforms and fighters over modern are even interesting. As you manage one or another member of the team, he gains valuable experience and improves his characteristics, becoming less vulnerable and more pumped.

Playing the heroes of shock squad 2 online is very interesting, so you’ll be bored not have to. The missions are different, the levels are not like one another, the plot, the game map are constantly changing, and provided that you yourself choose the heroes who, in your opinion, can bring more benefit in this particular area, then there are options for passing one and the same places will be different. After all, each of the fighters is armed in different ways, and each of them received military training in his special school. This is now all of them have become an invincible team. Moving from one level to another, you can give each of the heroes an opportunity to rest, but do not forget to take into account the fact that each of the mercenaries will become stronger and stronger, fulfilling tasks and risking himself.


  • you can aim or shoot with the mouse;
  • you’ll have to move using the arrows or WASD keys, while pressing the UP or W arrow will allow the fighter to jump, and the DOWN or S arrows will make it possible to crouch;
  • using the SHIFT or Q key you can change the weapon of the selected fighter;
  • by pressing CTRL or E activate a super attack;
  • чтобы осуществить перезарядку воспользуйтесь R.

It’s not easy to save humanity

The missions in each company are not the same. In this game, the team, as expected, has various tasks, and this means that tactical decisions for this or that task will be made different:

  • in the battle for death (deathmatch) will have to be set as more enemies are possible;
  • beat the enemy by capturing important documents and delivering them to your own base, preventing the enemy from doing the same, you will have to in tasks with the capture of the flag (Capture the Flag);
  • be faster than the enemy, dominate him (Domination), holding certain objects longer than the enemy will also have to.

If, however, you If you don’t have enough time to complete the mission, you can try your hand at blitz - a game called Challenge, you see, the name is promising.

To date, two parts of the game have been released and both of them are exciting and interesting. However, the recently released and completely free game of the heroes of shock detachment 2, has a large arsenal of weapons and better missions. But despite the advantages of the second part, most gamers go through both of them, and several times, changing the characters and difficulty levels. Amazing graphics, excellent voice acting, decent physics and a wealth of choice always remain unchanged in these colorful, continuous action games.

Become a hero of the shock squad

The squad is combat capable so easily that it can easily take on a battle in the middle of the desert or in the territory of a secret laboratory, he fights with ease on a flying plane or in a moving train, and even at an orbital station of unknown origin. For real pros, there are simply no barriers. This shooter captivates so much that fans are eagerly waiting for the game to launch the heroes of shock detachment 3, but the release date is still unknown. a bruiser, more like a tank, medic and commando. In the second part, the squad numbers five people: engineer, general, sniper, juggernaut and mercenary. Each of the fighters has an excellent track record and was honored to get into the squad precisely because of its fighting qualities. Each of the fighters has its own arsenal of weapons, they all have some abilities, they know how to work in a team clearly and harmoniously. The heroes of the shock detachment also have a reward system. At different levels for completing particular tasks, they earn not only experience points, but also orders with medals.

Игры Герои ударного отряда

В первой части игры герои ударного отряда членов команды четверо: снайпер- наемник, громадный верзила, больше похожий на танк, медик и командос. Во второй части численность отряда составляет пять человек: инженер, генерал, снайпер, джаггернаут и наемник. Каждый из бойцов имеет отличный послужной список и удостоился чести попасть в отряд именно благодаря своим боевым качествам. У каждого из бойцов свой арсенал оружия, все они обладают какими-либо способностями, умеют работать в команде четко и слаженно. Есть у героев ударного отряда и система поощрений. На разных уровнях за выполнение тех или иных спецзаданий они зарабатывают не только очки опыта, но и ордена с медалями.

Игра Герои ударного отряда 2

A very interesting addition to the second level of the game was the presence of a one-armed bandit, now players have a chance not only to earn new weapons, but also to win them, but be careful, always remember that you can simply lose, wasting all that wasted was accumulated earlier. Whichever game you choose, one thing remains obvious, it will not be easy to tear yourself away from it. Well, if you can’t wait to continue and want to immediately play the heroes of shock squad 3, you can say the recently released game for smartphones and tablets from Apple, called Strike Force Heroes: Extraction.