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Игры Earn to Die картинка

                                   Want an amazing experience? Fun, drive and storm of emotions? Want to see one of the best series of flash games available on the Internet? Then you will definitely not be disappointed now. Earn to Die 2, 3, 4 is one of the coolest racing series in the world after the zombie apocalypse. The main character is trying to get to the helicopter through the endless desert full of voracious creatures, dreaming of getting to his brains. Earn money, upgrade and buy new cars, crush or shoot zombies, finally get to the helicopter and fly away from these dead places.

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Кратко и по делу

On the Internet, you can find a great many different zombie shooters, races and other games in which the living dead are directly involved. We even have a special section on the site that contains the best representatives of this genre. Well, in this section you can start playing Earn to Die 2, 3, 4 online, and for free, because this is a flash version of this series of races. But for a fee, you can download this game on your mobile phones running IOS and Android.


When you start the game, buy the first car and click on start - you will see the counters speed and remaining gasoline, as well as the number of kilometers that you need to drive to the helicopter. The operation of the machine is simple and intuitive. When you buy a weapon (you don’t need to press additional buttons, it shoots itself, and only when the zombie is nearby) you will also see the cartridge indicator. For each race in Earn to Die, except the last one, you will receive money, the amount of which will depend on how many meters you traveled, how and how many zombies you killed, etc. You can spend them on the purchase of new cars or their upgrade, including yourself increasing the amount of fuel, buying and increasing the number of cartridges for weapons, buying new wheels, buying and increasing engine power, improving the engine, etc. ..

Gameplay of Earn to Die games

Good zombie dead zombie, right? No, not true. By definition, zombies are dead, which means they are all good? Say that zombies are good when they tear you apart and eat you. A good zombie is a reputed zombie. And you have many ways to make them good. Shoot walking corpses from a machine gun and machine guns, crash, crush and dismember opponents. Zombies are also very different: There are small ones that do not slow you down very much in a collision, and there are large ones that can even stop you.

Игры Earn to Die

If you go to the buggy, collisions will harm you very much, car - crush zombies well, but it’s difficult to drive through areas with boxes, but if on a truck you will go through all the obstacles like a knife through oil. And if you go into newer parts, or rather the game Earn to Die 2012 part 2, 3, then there you will find even more new cool cars that will crush your sworn enemies.

About the world with zombies

The hero of the game is the genius of auto building. And although anyone knows how to attach new wheels to a car, he can fasten various guns and boosters to cars, and also create an automatic firing mechanism from all types of guns. But what awaits him when he will fly away from this terrible place? The full version of the game Earn to Die 2012 part 2 and 3 online tells about the future adventures of our hero. He is one of several tens of thousands of people who survived in the zombie apocalypse. But the problem of food and bad soil makes the hero leave his current place of residence and embark on a long and difficult journey. Many zombies are waiting for you at every turn. Zombies can be killed only by destroying a small electric charge in his brain.

Игра Earn to Die 2012 part 2

Collapse his neck, crush his head, shoot him or just completely destroy his head - the choice of who will kill him. Killing one, two or even three enemies in a row is easy, especially if you have good weapons. But how hard it is to fight several hundred walking corpses at once. And to fight them you need a lot of powerful weapons. How to get it? Improve your car and hope to find other survivors in the world of Earn to Die. After all, climbing alone into places where you can get something worthwhile is difficult and very dangerous.

The consequences of the eternal war with the dead

But there are less free resources, because various communities take them to themselves, so people are already starting to fight with each other. The killings of their race do not stop even after the death of civilization. Although the scale of these battles is much smaller, their tragedy is also very great. Armies were killed almost immediately, and the few remaining soldiers settled at checkpoints, having dug there for several years. By the way, abandoned military bases and police stations are important points for obtaining powerful weapons, and sometimes good equipment.

Игра Earn to Die 2012 part 3

Usual people survive in different ways: Someone raises cattle and raises products, almost completely fencing themselves off from the world, someone steals what people did not have time to pick up in a disaster. Someone has a base or abode, but someone does not have one, and he leads a nomadic life, wandering through the fragments of the old world. What will happen to your hero next - you can only know after going through all parts of the online game Earn to Die 2012 part 2 and 3. Enjoy a free arcade game, become a master at destroying zombies from all types of weapons and control various types of vehicles. Good luck!