Games Mad Rabbit escaped from the psychiatric hospital

Игры Бешеная бабка сбежала из психушки картинка

                                   For any gamer who is inherent in a sense of humor, online games will be interesting; mad grandmother escaped from a psychiatric hospital available for free on our portal. Funny angry old woman who is slightly out of her mind is bored and boring in a hospital for forced treatment. She systematically develops a variety of escape plans, and you have to help her avoid forced treatment. Become the coordinator of the movements of an amusing patient of a psychiatric institution, who is energetically rushing along the streets of the city and instilling fear in random passers-by. Helping a crazy patient will give you a lot of pleasure.

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Сумасшедшую бабку остановить невозможно

Funny games with a comic story about the adventures of an elderly patient in the psychiatric hospital Angry Gran will not leave anyone indifferent. For a crazy old woman, brains are always directed in only one direction. The need to escape became for her the meaning of life. And if around the wall, surrounded by barbed wire, then the grandmother is even ready to stay with the core, if only to be free. Doctors and orderlies will not envy. After all, keeping up with the old woman is almost impossible. For her, simply there are no obstacles, and her painful imagination makes her fearless as well.

Игры бешеная бабка сбежала из психушки

Any sprinter can envy the abnormal speed. Online games grandmother escaped from the asylum are interesting in that from the very beginning unbridled fun begins. An evil old woman flies out of the door like a cork from a bottle and begins to rush through the streets, sweeping away everything in its path. Neither the season, nor the appearance of those around her bothers her. That the carpet is flying by, that the car is passing, she doesn’t care. Granny runs along the road, knocking oncoming passers-by and masterfully dodging all kinds of obstacles. It is not difficult for her to sneak under the wheels of a huge moving refrigerator or jump over a passenger car. And knocking down civilians, she becomes only stronger and more confident. In addition, they can dress up for the money they lost, which in turn will give our hero hope that the employees of the psychiatric hospital will not be able to recognize her right away.

Hooliganism of an old woman in blood

This crazy woman doesn’t need to warm a passer-by with a heavy handbag or a bus stop torn off with giblets. During her first shoots, a crazy grandmother sometimes slowed down, clutching her lower back from time to time. However, each time the granny gains experience and physically becomes healthier and more enduring. You can’t buy this mind for money, and you can definitely replenish the energy reserve in the game. Even in ice, our heroine feels fine and confident, if she wanted to, the old woman could easily give odds to any skater.

Игры бешеная бабка сбежала из психушки

By the way, she was not afraid of arrest. Well, who will keep her crazy for a long time in prison? In addition, escaping from prison also spit once. You only need to build a gun, and calculate the flight path, and consider bruises not in its rules. But once the famous Baron Munchausen flew to the core, which means that she will be able to jump over the fence, the main thing is not to focus on failures and resume attempts again and again.

Although my grandmother is evil, I want to help her again and again again. The fervent graphics and the excellent work of the animators make all parts of the online game mad rabbit escaped from the psychiatric hospital very popular. The player’s task is to end the escape with a happy ending.

How to properly manage the granny in the game

Note that the longer the grandmother runs, the faster she does it. You have one task, to make sure that the obstacles that fall in the way do not cause her to be hospitalized again. Initially, you proudly rushing along a white stripe. However, upon seeing the coins, in order to collect them, the trajectory of movement should be adjusted. After all, the money that you collect will come in handy for anyone. Escape must be adequately funded! Another point: do not try to get around the pedestrians coming towards you, clatter them harder, so you will earn more bonuses and improvements for the abnormal. It happens, from the adrenaline level in the blood, not only the runner’s mood rises, but also the characteristics become better.

Remember that with the Z key your hero will start to run a little to the left, and when you press X he will to the right. You can turn to the next street in this game using the left and right arrows. Be careful, try to respond quickly, do not let your grandmother fly headlong into the wall with her head, otherwise she has enough problems with her brains. The up arrow will make it possible for the survivor to jump over any obstacle, and by clicking the down arrow you will see how deftly the grandmother, ducking, makes a tackle. Using the space bar, you can use the inventory, and by pressing the P button, you will be able to take a break. With a gun it’s still easier, and the flight path and acceleration are controlled with the mouse.

Fighting with aliens or dinosaurs, jumping over yogis who have sat on the path or avoiding hanging clothes, jumping over pits, and dodging cars, do not forget that annoying doctors are not asleep. On our site you can play all existing games. The mad woman escaped from the asylum, so be patient and go! To set a new record all you need is to bring down more passers-by. Treat what is happening with your inherent sense of humor, and then you will get a lot of positive emotions from communicating with this fun, albeit old-worn, crazy woman.