Three in a row games

Игры Три в ряд картинка

Well, can anyone not like shooting and popping balls? Everyone likes it! And both for children and their parents. Children play them in order to have fun and at least do something in their free time, and parents would relax and unwind, in breaks, during boring work in the office. So the balls are suitable from small to large. One of the most popular ball genres is online three-in-a-row games, which you can play for free on this page. We collected the best and most interesting arcades 3 in a row, suitable for girls and boys.

Unlike many genres of games, this section appeared only with the advent of personal computers in everyday life. The ancestor of the genre is rightfully considered an old arcade, invented by Russian developers and called Tetris. Few modern children know what it is, and their parents definitely played it, or did spend a lot of time at all, adding together figures of the same color. In the category, there are several varieties of games, now, we will consider the main ones.

The first type, these are classic three-in-one blades in a row, also called Bubble Shooter. Your goal in them is to launch an object located at the bottom of the screen, in the corresponding color, a sequence of objects at the top. The second type of games is the compilation of rows of three or more figures by replacing them with each other. The third type includes games similar to the second type, but they do not need to rearrange the elements, but simply click on the lines consisting of 3 or more figures.

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