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Игры Тетрис картинка

Probably everyone played this ingenious game, created relatively recently, and not by someone , and our compatriot Alexei Pazhitnov. Thanks to the development of the computer and mobile industry, today you can find thousands of varieties of Tetris, working in 3D mode, using various textures and even representing an arcade consisting of several tens of difficulty levels. It is quite difficult to choose which one to play. Therefore, we have collected for you the best online tetris games.

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История появления и развития тетриса

The ancestor of tetris is considered to be an ordinary domino, which in 1980 began to appear on store shelves in the USSR. Initially, the arcade was written on a computer that was not common at that time, the Russian brand Electronics. Realizing that, so, the chances of becoming famous, the game has very few, Alex asked his friend to make a port to the more common, not only in Russia but around the world computers of IBM, so this logical game has gained immense popularity throughout Russia.

Игры тетрис

In the future, the rights to finalize and sell Tetris were obtained by a Hungarian company engaged in the creation and porting of games to all common systems, after which the modified arcade with improved graphics and gameplay is released in the version for Apple II computers and receives rave reviews from users . The success of the arcade was seen by Robert Stein, CEO of a corporation involved in licensing games in Europe and America. Robert signed contracts with Hungarian programmers for the full acquisition of rights to their version of Tetris. From that moment, thanks to licensing, the game began to spread very quickly around the world, and not only the USA and America, but also Japan, in which this logical puzzle became a hit, had a strong influence on its development.

Now, play Tetris can be completely free on a computer (via a browser) and on all known mobile operating systems, such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone.