Chess Games

Игры Шахматы картинка

Just 30-40 years ago, chess was one of the most popular entertainments. Sets consisting of boards and figures in white and black were sold in almost every store and were very inexpensive. Moreover, there were many options for such sets, they had different sizes and shapes. Some boards easily fit into your jacket pocket. But now this is no longer necessary, because absolutely free online chess games available on the Internet are available to everyone. Anyone who wants to, from a computer, tablet or mobile device can access them and start competing with real people.

The goal of the game of chess is to checkmate the opponent’s king and not let him put it to himself. This means that it is necessary to make a check (threat of attack) to the enemy king so that he could not retreat anywhere, and other pieces to save him, covering himself or killing the piece that makes him check. Then the game ends. There is another way to end the game - to create a stalemate (draw). If no player’s piece can move, but there is no checkmate, or two kings remain (+ figure, which, in combination with the king, cannot checkmate).

Chess has become a very popular online game, so it was created many arcades to learn the standard rules, work out, play with a computer or real people. And even participate in a real online tournament. Today, anyone can open the Internet and start playing chess without registering and installing applications. Now you can become a real grandmaster of the virtual world by winning all tournaments. Forward!

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