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Игры Сапер картинка

Many people know this game well or at least hear about it. Previously, it was installed with the system, like a pinball. Now, sapper games are rarely put on a computer, and many people want to nostalgia, and here they come to the rescue. In this section you will find a sapper online, opening in a couple of seconds and saving time on installing the application. Games have the same gameplay, difficulty, graphics and engine vary. If the arcade is made in html 5, it works on mobile devices.

You must play Sapper very carefully. Carefully begin to open the gray cells on the field. Pay attention to the numbers written on the cells - 1, 2 and 3. They indicate how many bombs are near this place. With the right mouse button you can put the supposed mark where you think the bomb should be. So you need to open the entire field, if all the bombs fall into place - you win!

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