Games Find the differences

Игры Найди отличия картинка

                                   A long time ago, when there were no computers, one of the most interesting children's games was the search for differences in pictures printed in favorite magazines that appear every week. Remember "Jumble", in each issue of which there were funny pictures, where you had to carry out editorial tasks! Then, even whole books were sold, containing many tasks of different difficulty levels. But those days are gone and today you don’t have to write out a magazine and wait for new pictures to appear every week, now you can play find the differences for free! All games are divided by complexity so that they are suitable for both boys and girls, and for teenagers.

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Немного занудства

Games with pictures appeared almost immediately after the spread of the pictures themselves. As soon as black-and-white, and therefore already color illustrations began to be printed in newspapers and books, the authors invented many interactive inserts and games. After all, computers in those days did not exist yet, and there were days when, due to bad weather, it was impossible to have fun on the street and poor children toiled around at home exposing rows of soldiers and rolling cars around all rooms.

Игры найди отличия

The most popular interactive pictures were labyrinths in which you had to drag your finger from the entrance to the center or to another marked point. Such puzzles were published not only in children's magazines, but even in adult newspapers. In addition, coloring books and sudoku were very popular, and then games appeared to find differences.

But it was very difficult to look for different details in black and white drawings, so the puzzle boomed at a time when color printing in magazines has become commonplace. At first, the drawings began to appear in America, but were quickly brought to other developing countries. Making them was very easy. A simple photograph or drawing was taken, a copy was taken from it and the artist painted on or vice versa erased some elements. After that, on one page of a magazine or newspaper, both pictures were printed next to each other. The more skillful the artist, the more difficult it became to look for differences.

Игры найди отличия

But time moved inexorably forward, the first computers appeared that made life easier for editors of newspaper and magazine publications, and eventually destroyed this industry. Now, due to low demand, children's magazines with such content are no longer there. But then, there are online games to find the differences, where a child, sitting at a computer or even a tablet, will be able to look for missing items and try to detect unnecessary details in the images.

How to look for differences

The most common are three types of games:

  • The first type is the search for differences for a while, which greatly complicates your task, but also makes passing flash games much more interesting and dynamic. Such games consist of several levels (from 10 to 100), and the more levels you pass, the harder it will be, as the difficulty increases. In light versions intended for small children, one level is given from 2 to 3 minutes, in more difficult versions intended for teenagers, time can be reduced to 30 seconds per picture. Without a doubt, playing for a while is much more interesting, but for those children who have a bad reaction, lack of concentration or carelessness, this may not work.
  • The second kind is ordinary pictures in which there is no interactivity suitable for young children, in order to introduce them to the game.
  • The third type is a large plot story, having a fascinating story that does not even come off adults. The illustrations have a professional drawing resembling visual novels, but instead of choosing the answer options, you need to look for differences. It is worth noting that finding them is quite easy, since everything is tied to an exciting plot.

Also, the games will be divided by the number of differences that need to be found:

  • 3 - for the smallest children (3, 4, 5 years old)
  • 5 - for older children (6, 7, 8 years old)
  • 7 - 10 - for teenagers (8, 9, 10, 11 , 12 years old)
  • > 15 - for everyone else

Games find the differences for girls and for boys are very simple! After loading, two photos will appear on your screen, having seen something superfluous or vice versa missing, you need to poke a mouse pointer at this place, and, anyway, on which of the photos you will do it. If you clicked on the correct object, it will either disappear or be circled, and the counter will show how many differences you have to find. than so much loved by many fights on planes or team battles. Here, your children will be able to develop or simply train their mindfulness, and by focusing on finding objects also willpower. But unlike difficult puzzles, such pictures are very exciting even for the smallest children, and especially the great visual games! The more interesting the story told this time will be, the greater will be the addiction to developing puzzles.

В чем польза

Несомненно, головоломки будет намного полезней, чем так полюбившиеся многим бои на самолетах или командные сражения. Здесь, ваши дети смогут развить или просто потренировать свою внимательность, а сосредоточившись на поиске предметов еще и силу воли. Но в отличие от трудных головоломок, такие картинки очень увлекательны даже для самых маленьким детей, а в особенности большие визуальные игры! Чем интереснее будет история, поведанная в этот раз, тем больше будет привыкание к развивающим головоломкам.