Games Sea battle

Игры Морской бой картинка

                                   Dreaming about sea battles and want to participate in them? Then try their online version first! But remember that in such battles, tactics are very important, because without tactics, just shooting cannons at sea, it is very difficult to defeat. You need to predict the behavior of the opponent and predict the places in which he placed his ships. The online game sea battle, like any other logical arcade, allows you to develop thinking and learn to think through your moves ahead, as well as think about how the other person resembles. But luck also plays a big role, and if you are very lucky, you can win!

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Sea battle appeared about one and a half to two hundred years ago, but gained real popularity only in the forties, due to the fact that you could play it with only one piece of paper and a pencil. The game is a sea battle designed for two people and allows you to have fun while away for a long time. The rules of the game are simple: each player has two cards. One indicates the location of its ships, the other is empty. On it, the player inflicts destroyed enemy ships and empty fields. The battle lasts as follows: the opponents take turns pronouncing the coordinates of the cell they are shooting at.

Игры морской бой

Sometimes when they get into the enemy ship and destroy it they give an extra turn until the chain of hits breaks or the game is won, sometimes not . It greatly facilitates the task of targeting the enemy by placing broken fields around the perimeter around the destroyed ship, since, according to the rules of the game, you cannot place your ships in neighboring cells in a sea battle. You also can’t move your ships, otherwise the game will drag on for a very long time. The arcade develops good commanding skills, as well as tactical and strategic thinking, but luck also plays an important role here.

Board option

In 1931 the first table naval battle appeared, in which the ships were already voluminous and well painted. Later, other desktop versions of this game began to appear. The size of the field and the number of ships varied greatly, and there is still no single standard. And now a little about the ships themselves.

  • Aircraft carrier or battleship - a large ship, occupying 4 cells. It’s very difficult to hide it well, therefore it is destroyed quite quickly after the start of the game. Quantity: 1.
  • A cruiser or a submarine of medium size and strength. Easy enough to be hidden along the edges of the field. It is also calculated quickly, but, unlike an aircraft carrier, it often survives to the middle and even to the end of the battle. Quantity: 2.
  • The destroyer is light and fast, such a ship can easily hide from enemy shots even in the middle of the field. It is a big problem in the search in the later stages of the battle. In naval combat, there are several options for the rules governing the number of destroyers on the battlefield. Quantity: 3-4, but in games without missile / torpedo boats there are often even 5 destroyers.
  • Missile / torpedo boat - the small size of this ship makes its search a difficult task, requiring the use of all tactical and strategic skills of his opponent, as well as commonplace luck. Sometimes the game can drag on for a long time because of a pair of such little ships, whose commanders are in a hurry looking for each other for speedy destruction. Quantity: 4-5 (In some games even 6).

Also sometimes ships are called n-deck or n-pipe, where n is the number of cells occupied by this vessel.

Computer games

Naval combat has infiltrated many computer and telephone games. On it even tournaments began to be held. And, of course, the flash game industry didn’t get around him, the works of which will allow you to feel like a real captain conducting military operations. “But how is a virtual naval battle different from the usual”, you ask. Everything is very simple. Here a field is automatically marked on which the enemy’s ships cannot stand (after the sinking of one of them), your ships are not allowed to be placed like that, nor can you drag them, making the game dishonest.

Игры морской бой

This ensures easy and comfortable a game whose outcome is up to you. You can also fight against a real opponent and even participate in a tournament. In addition, you can play sea battle online almost anywhere in the world, you only need your device to support flash format.

In addition to the standard options, which are not much different from each other, you can fight in non-standard version of this arcade game, where the view of the ships will not be opened from a bird's eye view, but from the side.