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Игры Линии картинка

There are not so many Russian games that have become famous all over the world and Lines 98 written back in 1992, one of them. Surprisingly, there are still people, and there are a lot of them who want to remember the past and play it. Moreover, on our portal you will find varieties of both the old game and many new ones that have appeared over the past few years, but are slightly similar to the old gameplay version. We tried to place all of them in this category, especially so that it would be more convenient for you to play Line 98 online, and most importantly, without viruses and registration!

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Немного о появлении жанра

The game Line 98 belongs to the genre of logical games and was invented by Russian programmers in 1992 for the MS-DOS system. In 1995, it was ported to the Windows operating system by AbrewSoft, and from that moment it gained immense popularity, winning the hearts of office workers and gaining millions of fans. The updated version of it received improved graphics, a change in the color scheme, as well as a slightly edited gameplay.

Игры линии

In the future, several more improved arcades from the developer AbrewSoft appeared, however they did not have much success, due to the appearance of dozens of clones of the Lines that had different gameplay options, a changed number of cells, a larger number of balls and other improvements. It was this game that became the founder of the genre, put 3 in a line!

A few years later, other varieties of line destroyers came out, forming a whole genre. In addition to balls, you can collect lines from balls, New Year's toys, cars and fruits. And also in various fields and with different conditions like the games of zoom or luxor. This genre is constantly evolving and new projects are released weekly, but now not on computers, but on mobile phones and tablets.