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Игры Лабиринты картинка

                                   You have probably seen how children love a variety of shooting games, races and strategies, but they are rarely interested in arcades. The goal of our portal is to show the young generation that arcades can also be quite interesting and you can also have fun past them. We place only the most interesting arcades, which are not inferior in interest to passing either races or shooting games, so it will be interesting for both young children of any age and adults to overcome levels and earn points. In this category you will find free online labyrinth games selected by our team.

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О жанре

Since ancient times, mankind has known labyrinths - many times branching narrow corridors in which you could easily get lost and stay there for a very long time. Remember the myth of Theseus and the minotaur? It was in such a place in Crete that he performed his feat. Since then, the mazes began to bear a defensive and entertaining role. The troops besieging the fortress were lost in the corridors of walls and towers and died under a hail of arrows and stones of the defenders. Later, garden labyrinths, in which benches, fountains and other decor elements were located, also became popular. Especially often they were created in England and France.

Computer games and puzzles

Puzzles became very popular around the end of the 19th century. They needed to find a way out of the labyrinth, and they solved, as a rule, very quickly. Over time, voluminous puzzles came out, in which it was necessary to bring / bring the ball to the center / from the center. After that, the world saw computer labyrinths for girls and boys.

Игры лабиринты

At first they appeared in various games as certain locations through which the hero had to go, but later independent versions of the labyrinths in the virtual world came out, in which it was necessary quickly find a way out. Now we will try to tell you more about similar flash games.

Labyrinths of racing

In the games of this series you need to get to the finish line. In this case, you will compete with a computer or other people, since in the cooperative mode of the game the mazes for two become much more interesting. In another version, you run away from any creature (a minotaur for example) and should quickly find a way out and escape. In such arcades, there are usually various bonuses that simplify the passage. Management here is usually carried out using the keyboard and is intuitive.

Temporary labyrinths

Here you need to get to the end of the labyrinth for a certain time, often collecting various objects. Here, the mazes are usually more difficult than in the category above, so playing these games is often much more difficult and they require a lot of effort. Management in such games most often involves the mouse, because, unlike the upper version, labyrinths here are usually not built of squares, but consist of various curved lines, bridges and other various structural elements, so managing the “arrows” here would be difficult. || 689


Another subgenre of mazes are bombers, in which your goal will be changed. If in the standard version of the game you need to find a way out, then here the task will be to destroy opponents on the map. In the bombers you will roam the square map, clearing your way and getting various bonuses, as well as new bombs.

Игры лабиринты

Once you get to your enemy, you will need to put a bomb and try to detonate it, only now they do not explode immediately, so it will be necessary to calculate the trajectory of the enemy’s movement and set the charge in time. Moreover, you also have to hide from your bomb until it is activated.

Mobile entertainment

With the advent of mobile devices in the modern world, namely smartphones and tablets, the number of online arcades has increased . It became especially interesting to play mazes online, because thanks to the accelerometer, you could control the ball by tilting your smartphone in different directions, and the results of the passage were sent over the Internet to friends in real time. You can find variants of such arcades absolutely free in any of the application stores, although, of course, there are paid versions, but their cost rarely exceeds 100 rubles.