Domino games

Игры Домино картинка

                                   Most modern children have not even heard of such an arcade. And it’s worth understanding that gradually, the good old games begin to be forgotten and lost. Now, in the era of shooters, strategies and simulators, any, and especially the old arcades are beginning to fade into the background and forget. But with us you can always find free domino games online and enjoy their passage along with your friends or with a computer. All arcades are available without registration, so you can start playing them in just a couple of mouse clicks.

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A fairly ancient game that combines elements of logical thinking, tactics and strategy, as well as good luck. Domino tiles resemble dice cut to the edges and glued in pairs. However, on knuckles, in addition to standard numbers from 1 to 6, there can also be 0, and in some cases the number can even go up to 18. Standard dominoes are played by placing knuckles in turn so that the numbers on the touching ones are the same.

Игра в домино стала особенно популярна в советское время и вошла в массовую культуру в огромном количестве художественных фильмов, запечатляющих ее. Множество разновидностей аркады распространены по всему миру, в России самой популярной версией является “козел”. Все эти вариации очень сильно отличаются правилами, а в некоторых, к тому же, даже разная основная цель. Также достаточно популярными стали различные головоломки.

The domino effect

The so-called domino effect is a line of knuckles, which when falling extreme, everything gradually falls. According to him, a special theory was even created that tells us that one event leads to another, and then a third and so on, like falling dominoes. This effect became an idea for many popular videos in which people build a line of various objects (except books, use books, cereal boxes, boxes with disks, building pallets, etc.), and then push the last one and record the process of their falling. Often it is accompanied by explosions and other special effects. Sometimes such performances can last a dozen minutes.

Computer games

A fun and short-lived arcade game in which several people can compete to pass the time - what could be better? Fortunately, now you can fight with computer opponents or your friends right at the computer, in numerous flash games. The various types of dominoes that you can now play are not limited to the usual “goat"; fight with other people in any, including the most exotic, versions of this game. There are also arcade editors in which you can create your own track from domino tiles or some other things. Various special effects (like explosions) are also available in these arcades. It is noteworthy that you can compete in domino games, without registration, right with your friends, sitting at the same personal computer.

Игры домино

Mobile arcades have gained great popularity. With the advent and rapid spread of smartphones around the world, the game of knuckles very quickly gained a new wave of popularity. Indeed, in order to play dominoes online or with a computer, no requisites were required anymore, it was enough just to remove the phone from your pocket and start the exciting activity.

And due to the fact that just a few years after the spread of smartphones and tablets, the Internet became available in any part of the globe and even in the most deserted parks of Russian cities, it became possible to compete in any arcade online, with your friends, relatives and just strangers. For victories, points were awarded to you, and for loss they were taken away. So there were ratings of the most skilled gamers, which every fan of online arcades dreamed of getting into.

Игры домино

But the games did not stand still and constantly improved, new types and more interesting possibilities for using rectangular blocks appeared. So, in addition to the domino game with a computer, which could not be fought alone, there were even simpler arcades in which you almost or not needed to have logical abilities. For example, you were offered to build houses from the usual rectangular blocks, lay out the lines, compare them like in Mahjong or solve some kind of logic problem.