Games 2048

Игры 2048 картинка

Love arcade games with numbers, but have you tried everything? Try one of the recent, but already become popular and widely known. Online game 2048 is a puzzle based on moving numbers on a square of size 4 by 4. The point is to move the numbers in one of the nine fields to collect an amount equal to 2048. It would seem that complicated? In fact, many spend hours and even days at this game, trying to knock out the right number. But after the victory is not the end of the puzzle: continue to set records and compete with friends.

The arrows are used for control: just click in the direction where you need to move the squares on the field. At first, try to play, not trying to achieve results, in order to understand the principle of the arcade and learn its rules. The game 2048 for the computer will help players cultivate perseverance, patience and develop logical thinking.

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