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Логические игры картинка

For those girls and boys who like logic games, we tried to collect the best collection of arcades that can be played online on the phone and computer! With regular training, such arcades will be able to develop your horizons, thinking, memory and just help to better think! Moreover, they are suitable for literally all children, starting at age 12, and for smaller children, we have a special category.

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Появление жанра

With the advent of the computer, everyone had the opportunity to play logic games, and their number began to grow at a gigantic pace. By 1995, there were 500 games requiring serious abilities and a mathematical mindset. The most famous computer puzzles of those times were the sapper, the LINE 98 series, Tetris and checkers chess.

Логические игры

Later, the first online mahjong appeared which won popularity among housewives and office workers. We must not forget about the snake installed on almost all old mobile phones, tic-tac-toe and sea battle, which was played by almost all students during the lessons. And of course, sudoku is a favorite pastime of grandparents.

In recent years, with the development of mobile technologies, as well as the advent of tablets, smartphones and handheld game consoles, the pace of developing logical games has increased significantly and the first episodes downloaded by millions have appeared users: Alchemy, Crocodile Swampy, Angry birds and 2048.