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Крутые игры картинка

Real men do not look at explosions. All sorts of militants have taught us this for a long time. In addition, it is believed that boys are much more persistent than girls. Perhaps this is true, because the psyche of the girl is unlikely to withstand even watching how they play cool games for boys. They are full of action, a variety of battles, mountains of weapons and whole doses of adrenaline.

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Игра Злинкс Zlinks
Игра Орион Orion
Игра Террария онлайн Terraria online
4.2 || | 721
Игра (Мопе ио) (Mope io)
4.4 || | 966
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Аста ла виста, бэйби

Truly cool games will give you a bunch of emotions, including the joy of victory, and the bitterness of defeat. In them you play either for yourself - an unnamed soldier or warrior, or for some character with a strong and complex character. The only thing that can be said for sure is that tough guys never give up, they are ready to show their opponents what can happen if the battle goes against their rules.

Крутые игры

For an easier choice, see this list of cool games for real heroes:

  • 3D tanks. Choose a car to your taste and bomb everyone from a giant cannon, let them know who is the most important here.
  • Series A Machine is a Machine. Angry and merciless cars from these arcades will serve you well and will help to show your whole character, as well as teach offenders not to meddle with you again.
  • 3D race. Cool games in which the graphics are not inferior to mobile racing. In them you can choose for yourself absolutely any transport from typical cars to monsters.
  • 3D rpg. This is a cool game for girls. Here you will control famous characters such as Rapunzel, and the graphics and plot in such arcades will not be inferior to mobile. .

Tough guys - cool guns

What is really cool in such games is full of various weapons and methods of their use. You can go to a special operation in some jungle with a machine gun at the ready, or try to repel a new attack of crazy zombies using a real grenade launcher. The choice is yours!

Крутая игра против монстра

To play the coolest games online, you better make sure that no one will disturb you. These arcades are carried away in earnest, so there is practically no possibility of interruption. It is worth making sure that you are able to bring the matter to the end, otherwise why bother with it at all.