Казуальные игры картинка

There are evenings when you come home from work or study, tired and hungry for entertainment. At such moments when you don’t want to think about the rules, choose casual games. This is a simple and straightforward online arcade game for a wide range of players. They are specially made in such a way as not to take a person’s time to learn the rules, but to allow them to play right away.

Casual arcades have simple rules, easy and understandable control for anyone, quick session completion time, addictive gameplay and focus on completely different players. Anyone can play them, regardless of age and gender. This card solitaire, kerchief, tapeworm, mahjong with butterflies and dominoes. And online games with balls, zoom or three in a row. And mazes with puzzles. Some casual games are suitable for two: tic-tac-toe, sea battle and drafts.

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Игра Fit in the wall Fit in the wall
4.5 | || 347
Игра Сага о пузырьках Bubble saga
2.4 | || 581
Игра Удержи шарик Hold the ball
4.4 || | 647
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