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At some point, everyone is tired of playing the same thing, I want to try something new, find other characters or even change the genre. Indie games give this opportunity to their players. Unusual levels, interesting puzzles and uninhibited heroes are what distinguishes them from the rest. When developing games without a major publishing house, you have to dodge as you know how to attract a player.

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Что за жанр

Indie games are not Indian toys, as you might think. These are online games from independent developers, behind which there are no corporations with wallets packed to the top. These are the same people as you who have a cool idea and they decided to bring it to life. We hired a programmer and designer, issued a task and received something new, unlike other applications.

Инди игры

Of course, it would seem that what can be done without money? Everyone understands that to implement any idea, you need a budget and it would be better if it were bigger. Indie developers invest their own funds in online games. Agree, when you invest yours, you do better and better, because investments must be returned after some time.

Independence in indie games is a plus

Games without reference to the publisher can afford much more. They can go beyond and create such plot twists that the player can only shout at the screen “it cannot be!”. It becomes boring when a famous character always behaves as he should. The hero already has certain traits and you know for sure that Mickey Mouse, for example, will not swear at the screen.

Поединки инди игры

At a minimum, such applications should be given a chance. We are sure that you yourself will not notice how indie the genre will take you. In it you can really find many interesting solutions and a wide variety of arcades for every taste. Try discovering something new today!