Star Wars Games

Игры Звездные войны картинка

                                   The fantastic universe of Star Wars is so vast and so interesting. For half a century, how this immortal story began, about which few today have heard anything at all. But in the beginning, fearing that the idea would not be successful and the film adaptation might turn out to be a failure, a book was launched, which, incidentally, received the Hugo Prize, about which all science fiction lovers had heard. So began this enchanting fantasy story. But today every boy knows about star wars. During the existence of this space saga, it was restarted, in addition to full-length films, there are also cartoons, series and star wars games. In addition to games in the cartoon universe, we added other space games to this category.

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The eternal struggle between good and evil, it would seem that everything is banal and simple, but not in star wars. Here, a fierce struggle goes on for every soul, and it’s simply impossible to determine who is destined to exude true evil and who is given the chance to be on the bright side. It all depends on the alignment of forces and faith, not only in yourself, but also in the fact that you yourself are busy with the right thing and go in life in the right direction.

Игры Звездные войны

Screenshot from Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2, by LucasArts.

If Anakin Skywalker, who miraculously escaped from captivity, thanks to adherents of the Jedi Knightly Order when he first met the queen of the planet Naboo, someone would say that she would become the mother of his children, he would hardly have believed. At that moment, Anakin would not have believed that he could become a Jedi. A little later, the young Jedi could not have apprehended normally the information that he himself would become a fiend of hell, and they would call him only as Darth Vader. And the information that before his death he would have to fight his own son Luke Skywalker, most likely Anakin would have taken hostility. Nevertheless, the battle took place, while Anakin spoke, who had by then become one of the Sith, on the side of evil forces.

But it is impossible to leave fate. And if someone is already prepared for such changes, ups and downs, throwing from side to side, then it just won’t come out in the shade.
For outsiders, all the ups and downs of such a plan are just part of the storyline of the fantastic saga. And if none of the spectators can influence the course of events and the development of the plot of the film itself, then this can be done easily in any of the computer games.

There are star wars games both for the computer and for game consoles. There are stunningly made large-scale games here with amazing physics and mechanics, the control of which cannot be called simple. But the pleasure of intergalactic flights, the opportunity to feel popular in the vast universe more than compensates for this imaginary inconvenience. More simple games about star wars are also enough. Adventure and shooting games, amazing platformers - all of them are interesting. Thanks to the fantastic plot, even ordinary puzzles begin to seem special and attract science fiction lovers like a magnet.

Star Wars - you can afford everything here

Needless to say, Star Wars games are popular, even though they are so popular that they are of interest not only among children and adolescents. With pleasure participate in star wars and adult lovers of science fiction. After all, here, in the virtual world, you can imagine yourself as anyone. Both the power itself and the ability to choose its light or dark side are also subject to the players.

Star Wars games allow you to arrange races on the vast expanses of the galaxy, arrange them or fight pirates, take part in a Jedi fight, try on various manifestations of power in the form of superhuman abilities. With such a voluminous plot, the choice is huge, you can only decide what plan the game will suit for someone who wants to become a member of Star Wars.

Игры Звездные войны

Screenshot from Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2, by LucasArts.

Хочется попробовать свои силы в схватке со вражескими кораблями, всегда пожалуйста. Ну а если свое судно укрепить пожелаете, чтобы никто их врагов подобраться не смог, так это тоже запросто. Можно в звездных войнах принять участие в войне кланов, поохотиться за штурмовиками или просто отражать нашествие инопланетных захватчиков при этом попутно собирая трофеи и улучшая характеристики собственного корабля.

Some games can be played in pairs. At the same time, the plot of star wars already suggests that with your partner in the game you can become here not only an ally, but also an enemy. There are many options for paired games. You can choose a clan battle and fight against each other, or you can give a rebuff to the enemy together. The main thing is to have a desire to play.

You can start playing star wars, but it just won’t stop, because having your own spaceship, even a virtual one, is very cool. And if only that. Here, in a fantasy world, everyone will be able to realize themselves, temporarily imagining that you know how to use telekinesis or hypnosis, but at the same time feel all the advantages of such an unusual gift. Your game here is for sure, another thing is that with so many offers you can’t find it right away. But in this, perhaps, there is even some kind of secret fantastic meaning. If you do not believe me, then remember the story of star wars, it all started with the fourth episode!