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Игры Зомби картинка

                                   Especially popular not only among children and adolescents, but even some adults use games about zombies. Let's try to figure out what these obsolete monsters were able to win millions of fans. What is so big about them that they could make hundreds of films and write thousands of books. Not many monsters managed to not only become indispensable when creating horror films, but also awarded the honor of being allocated in a separate subgenre. But the zombies did it. The living dead are very popular among thrill-seekers. This, perhaps, partly can explain why computer and online games about zombies are so popular.

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Игра Убийца зомби Ио Zombie killer Io
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Игра Doom 3 онлайн Doom 3
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Какие они, компьютерные зомби

First of all, each of the games is colorful and well thought out, because in the end, the developers had the task to attract players, and not scare them half to death. It should be noted that the creators of computer games performed this task perfectly, as evidenced by the variety of proposals of this kind. In some of them, you need to save your skin, in some, on the contrary, to confront living corpses with the habits of cannibals, in any case, you must actively act and, of course, do not forget that these are just games.

Игры зомби

Screenshot from Valve Corporation's Left 4 Dead 2.

You may not believe this, but in the ranks of computer zombies you will find not only soulless monsters who want to replenish their own ranks by playing, but also unhappy clogged characters over which you can make fun of plenty. At the same time, there are only a lot of ways to turn any zombie into a pile of bones, you just need to turn your brains on and use some well-known information. For example, from the fact that you try to shoot a zombie with an ordinary bow or pistol, there will be no harm to him, but if you shoot down a heavy box or activate some other mechanism, which then falls on the company of walking skeletons, then the effect will be correct. The whole company will crumble under the bones, scatter ashes across the wide world and nobody will annoy their presence anymore.

Plants are also very effective in combating zombies. Maybe someone does not know, but these representatives of the other world in a number of games are afraid of the effects of light, which means that they can be shot at with light weapons quite successfully. Since walking corpses do not differ in their mental abilities, they simply do not know how to avoid obstacles, so savvy gamers will not cost anything to circle them around a finger.

There are also such games about zombies where the living dead have to flee from harassment. But there are quite a few of them, basically the opposite. After all, everyone knows the common truth, if you regret even one zombie, even the cutest in appearance, then a new invasion is guaranteed, and there is not far from the apocalypse.

Fight the living dead

Boring games about zombies simply do not exist, but there are plenty of interesting ones. Numerous sea adventures are not complete without the participation of the living dead, because it is the deceased who often guard the treasures once plundered, numerous legends are associated with their stay from the sea, and so interesting and unusual that they even take your breath away. That’s why even in three-in-a-row games, indicated by topics related to treasure hunting, you can see amazing skeleton dances.

What can we say about colorful platformers, adventure games, shooters, strategies or quests, take my word for it, all of them are very interesting, and even better, try playing on your own to see for yourself. A favorite place for zombies, of course, are cemeteries, which is better not to get into at night. Such places are not for timid people, because not only the corpses that have risen will need to be repulsed here, but also to fight off bats, and night birds will not be afraid.

In games for two

Online games are zombies not only for one person, but also for two. This is where it is really interesting! It would seem a classic plot, but how much adrenaline can be obtained. The whole charm of games for two players with such a plot is that you can try yourself not only as civilians or adventurers who are ready to fight zombies, but also as the living dead themselves.

Игры зомби

Screenshot from Left 4 Dead 2, Valve Corporation.

In addition, you can also eradicate evil in a pair, the most important thing is not to drift, because otherwise the zombie apocalypse is provided. You can save civilization from the cannibals, but you need to try to do this, because one bite of these monsters is enough for a person to become a fresh addition to the ranks of soulless cannon fodder, constantly hungry for satiety.

You can’t believe it, but in the company of zombies you can even take part in races, only these races are very peculiar and spectacular. Do not be surprised if you witness a hand or foot falling off at a pilot of a neighboring car, even such a driver can fly off to the side easily, but the car will continue to drive at this time, so think yourself to drive a neighbor or to refrain from similar risk.
In general, all gamers who are not averse to spending time in the company of the living dead expect a lot of interesting offers. Do not forget that even during the virtual game you can get enough adrenaline. Interesting pastime!