Games Gold digger

Игры Золотоискатель картинка

Do you like gold? Precious metals have always attracted lovers to profit and get rich, and among ordinary people they are steadily associated with wealth and luxury. It is not easy to get gold: you either have to climb into the mine and there with blood and then try to find at least a grain, or take a sieve and go to a reservoir, sift the sand and believe that you come across even the smallest particle. For such activities, gold miners sometimes spend years and find only a few tens of grams of valuable metal.

Gold miner games offer you an easier lesson to do. Pick up a pickaxe, put on a helmet and go underground under the ground. You will play for a variety of characters, depending on which game you choose. The goal of the game is to slowly but surely explore the field and find gold in whole pieces. Found - catch game points, buy new equipment and continue to dig, becoming a leader!

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