Games Snake

Игры Змейка картинка

Are you still playing the old classic snake on your Nokia 3310? Then we follow you along with new and modern characters. Finally forget how to control the snake by poking at the small buttons of the phone. Bright design, new interesting levels and convenient controls - this is what distinguishes the snake games from the rest of the arcades.

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Рептилии атакуют!

Snake is already a real classic among games. Anyone in the world at least once has run this toy on his mobile or computer. You can even say that games about the snake are the first games that appeared in the public domain and are accessible to every player. In the recent past, guys played in the yard and organized competitions, determining who the real professional is and will be able to score the most points.

Игры змейка

Online snake allows you to control various cartoon or 3D characters. Your main goal is to feed and grow your snake as gigantic as possible. These games test your skills, reflexes and reaction speed, because at some point you will have to avoid even your own tail, and there will simply be a catastrophic lack of space.

Varieties of online snakes and control

The most popular toy about snakes is slizario. In this arcade you play as a worm in a dark and mysterious world. Slizario is a multiplayer game, so there are a lot of opponents around you who can easily gobble up your worm, and you have to start all over again. The goal is the same as in all the others - to achieve unrealistic proportions and show everyone that there is only one winner.

Игра змейка слизарио

You can play the snake online using the arrows on the keyboard: each determines which direction your snake will move. You must always be careful, the slightest wrong movement and the tailed character's end. Try to grow your pet the largest in the world and get to the top of the food chain!