Dog Games

Игры Собаки картинка

                                   Legends of dog loyalty have been around since time immemorial. There is nothing to be surprised at, because dogs, small and bigger, shaggy or smooth-haired, thoroughbred and not purebred, have repeatedly proved their sincere devotion to man. That is why today there are so many computer games, the main characters of which are just dogs. Among them there are simply cute drawn characters, and the characters of numerous cartoons. Dog games let you play with your beloved four-legged friends, look after them and help them perform acrobatic stunts.

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Все самое интересное о четвероногих друзьях

Those games in which dogs lead an active lifestyle are very popular. Since the times of Squirrel and Arrow, everyone knows that dogs are capable of feats, they protect the universe from enemies, look for lost relics, expose numerous criminals, in general, lead a fairly active lifestyle, trying to help people everywhere and in everything. Maybe that is why in many games they perform the functions inherent in man. Dogs know how to skate and skate famously, even take part in water skiing competitions, cleverly deal with criminals of all stripes and colors, they are never bored, you just need to try to choose a company to your liking.

Cute doggie for young gamers

Cute yapping puppies as well as good-natured, healthy barking basses invariably attract the attention of children. And the secret is that you will not get bored with them, and absolutely everything can be afford. It is very cool to consider pictures with the image of animals, finding differences on them or to select pairs by association. In addition, you can even feel yourself a geneticist by collecting a dog from several pictures. In the process of such a game, children develop associative thinking, memory, attention, and at the same time learn to love and understand animals. The list of games does not end there.

Игры Собаки

It is very interesting to participate in games about treating little puppies or to make fashionable haircuts for them. Even clothes for dogs were invented today, so you can take care of choosing the right suit for a walk. You can also try to draw or color the dog yourself. At the same time, the finished picture can be saved on a computer, or even printed, so that you can present it to friends or please loved ones with your achievements. As a rule, control in games of such a plan is simple, a mouse and concentration of attention will be enough, since the screen is full of all kinds of tips that can always be used to determine the sequence of actions.
Scooby-Doo and other serious dogs

More respectable dogs and missions perform more complex ones. They track down and expose criminals, following them for this purpose, take part in wars with aliens, look for all kinds of artifacts that can turn dog life into paradise overnight, in general, they are engaged in very serious things. The mass of shooters, platformers, and games related to searching for objects involving dogs is simply amazing.

Even if the choice of gamers was limited only to the adventure games of the famous dog Scooby-Doo and his friends from the detective agency, it was hardly necessary would be bored. A restless company has to investigate one story with aliens after another. Very often they travel the world, saving humanity from evil. In addition, being a true gourmet, this versatile dog is not averse to making pizza and, of course, eating it. It is still unknown what exactly he’s doing better, although, to be honest, it will also depend on the experience of the players.

Игры Собаки

Scooby-Doo also takes part in all kinds of competitions: jumping, diving, running with obstacles, all this is not a problem for him. After all, it depends on how much he and his friends will be in shape, whether they will be able to emerge victorious in a battle with numerous enemies. But you should not doubt their abilities, because even participation in the Olympics doesn’t scare anyone. puppies always have a lot to learn. He arranges puppy competitions, makes the younger generation overcome obstacles and take barriers, in general, it is very responsible to leave behind a decent change.

Кроме того Скуби-Ду не против побыть время от времени в роли наставника и воспитателя, а у такого легендарного пса, согласитесь, щенкам всегда есть чему поучиться. Он устраивает щенячьи соревнования, заставляет подрастающее поколение преодолевать препятствия и брать барьеры, в общем, очень ответственно относиться к тому, чтобы оставить после себя достойную смену.

Taking care of animals is a responsible business

Many games with dogs teach how to take care of animals. Very interesting in this regard are games about dog shelters, where pets need an eye and an eye. They need to be fed, walked on time, taught them dog diplomas.

Some of the dogs will need medical attention, and this applies not only to those who were in the shelter. In time to get vaccinated, see if a tick has got into the ear of your beloved dog, get an x-ray if necessary, all this can be done in virtual animal hospitals. There are tons of clues in these games. The inscriptions necessary for the further passage of the inscription or picture become active on the screen, and the sequence of actions is clearly defined, so that it simply won’t go without an examination to make the pet any procedures.

Games about dogs are positive about all relationships, players don’t they only experience a lot of adventures with their virtual pets, but they learn at the same time to take care of their four-legged friends. And who knows, maybe there will be a desire to become a dog handler, a trainer or a veterinarian in the future if one of the players plays during one of these games.