Horse Games

Игры Лошади картинка

                                   Horses are one of the first animals that were once tamed by humans. Perhaps this can partially explain the fact that there are a lot of games with these noble animals today, and for every taste. Circus horses are found here, joyfully giving performances, thoroughbred horses participating in the race at the hippodrome, and fairy-tale and cartoon characters. Pegasus, unicorns, funny talking ponies, all of them are favorites today kids. Horse games for girls and boys will appeal to all children who dream of having their own pony.

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Ухаживаем за питомцем

You can comb and pet your favorite horse, feed and drink, go on a trip in a horse drawn carriage or choose a worthy horse for riding. There are suitable entertainments for everyone here: horses participating in races will be of interest to more adult gamers, cowboy adventures, centaur battles will undoubtedly interest boys, and numerous Barbie pets will be more interesting to girls. In the virtual world, everyone will be able to choose a horse to their liking, and even a whole herd if desired.

Horses from fairy worlds

Fantasy and good fairy tale lovers will love centaurs, unicorns or cute funny ponies wanting to look fashionable and stylish. For them, in games, not only care is needed, sometimes these fabulous creatures require increased attention, because often they go on long journeys, overcoming a lot of dangers on their way, or try to hide from evil wizards, having all the reasons for this. Along the way, players will have to solve all kinds of problems, solve puzzles, search for objects.

Игры Лошади

There are a lot of games with the participation of these fairy-tale characters. In some, related to the care of animals, they can not only be cleaned from dirt, but also put on luxurious horse clothes. Well, after the beauty is fully induced, even a picture with a picture of your favorite horse can be left in your memory, though not only in the computer, but also on paper. Games about horses are very diverse and you can find more than 30 of their varieties, including grooming, racing, coloring, dressing up and all kinds of logical arcades.

Virtual racing is interesting

For all lovers Racing games are suitable for fast driving. You can easily feel like a jockey at a racetrack in a game format. In this case, it will be necessary here not only to overcome obstacles, but also to increase skill, moving from one level to another. It’s good that the tote is not real here, otherwise it would not have been sweet in case of failure. In racing games, the controls are not very simple, but there is always a training mode and an opportunity to learn. In the end, on a real horse it’s also impossible to take the barrier immediately.

Игры Лошади

As a rule, the gameplay of such games is designed in such a way that the player can navigate what is happening, because in order for the horse to make a successful jump, it is very important to maintain distance, that is, clearly calibrated distance from the barrier and other obstacles. In addition, a lot depends on what kind of acceleration will be taken. Much depends on the strict implementation of the instructions. Successes and failures can be found on the display. As a rule, this is the illumination of three different colors, notifying the player about the degree of preparation for the races. It is up to everyone to decide whether to pass the training levels, but if you want to become a champion, you first need to hone your skills.

Forward, towards adventures

Knightly tournaments and courageous cowboys traveling around prairies. Without mentioning them, information about games involving horses would not be complete. In these diverse games, as a rule, quite interesting and exciting stories. Sometimes fabulous, sometimes not, but always fascinating. Cowboys, for example, have to show skill and courage, shoot opponents directly at the gallop, defending their honor and just cause. The knights have a slightly different destiny. Their horses should not only keep the rider in armor on themselves, but also not save before the sight of enemy swords and spears. In fact, not a single strategy is involved without these noble animals, one way or another connected with the seizure of new territories and their development. Playing with horses is very interesting, and it doesn’t matter who they are in as a game.

Beautiful Amazons and charming princesses also love to travel. And if the former are warriors who don’t need to saddle anything and even tame a horse with a hole, the latter look for horses more calmly, and sometimes even go on a long journey in a carriage so as not to deprive themselves of comfort.

Игры про лошадей

On numerous farms without a faithful horse will also be very difficult. After all, the same flock of sheep is much easier to watch when you are on horseback. Inspecting territories, looking for new pasture places is also better and faster when you are in the saddle.

Be that as it may, the horses are not only a means of transportation, but first of all also loyal friends. No wonder communicating with them is considered useful. Despite the fact that a virtual horse cannot greet its owner with a neigh, it is always able to give a feeling of spaciousness and freedom. Playing games about horses, girls and boys, taking care of animals, learn to better understand four-legged friends. In addition, for such a pastime, sometimes just the desire to be on horseback and the ability to control the mouse are enough.