Games Dragons

Игры Драконы картинка

                                   The magical world of fairy tales. It is in it that there will always be a place for dragons, knights and princesses, which means that computer games with the participation of these characters will be interesting to all lovers of fantasy, mysticism and magic. In addition, fire-breathing creatures in them are far from always evil. Sometimes they are kind, sweet and friendly, however, as well as in numerous fairy tales. Playing games with a magical plot is exciting, because getting into a fairy tale is always interesting. Here, boys feel like heroes capable of feats, and girls feel beautiful princesses. Dragon games for girls and boys will make everyone feel like the hero of the cartoon "How to Train Your Dragon."

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Сказочный сюжет и увлекательные приключения

There are a lot of dragons in games: each of them has its own story. Which one will you choose to play at the beginning, and which one later, think for yourself, only one thing is clear, if you’ve decided to play, your desire will not disappear soon. Among the large number of offers there are kind cute fairy tales with entertaining pictures for the smallest, and fascinating fantasies with a famously twisted plot, full of incredible adventures for older gamers.

Fire-breathing handsome people who need help

Rather, these cuties breathing fire should be called dragons. As a rule, they are kind and defenseless and often need your help. It is very touching to watch how a green animal in appearance resembling something between a dinosaur and a crocodile with a fattened hippopotamus starts to shed tears for and without. Often the task of the players is to care for the little dragon. And do not be surprised if, in response to your efforts, the baby did not accidentally give you a fiery kiss. That's the way dragons work.

Игры Драконы

Among the games there are mahjongs and puzzles, in addition, you can try to pick up fashionable outfits for your young fire-breathing pet and ride it on a journey or look for some artifacts in an ancient fairytale castle in order to to justify the innocent creature, which several centuries ago was built in vain. Games with dragons are very diverse and everyone will find something to their liking. It all depends on your preferences.

Do not be surprised, there are dragons all over the place who need to prove to others that they are good. Some of them are ready for this to eat only white balls or to become vegetarians. Action, shooters, platform games, with the participation of dragons of all stripes and colors, always attract young gamers with their colorful and unusual fairy tale story. As a rule, the management here is not difficult, just the ability to use a mouse or arrows and a space is enough. Dragon Games will please both boys and girls of all ages.

Treacherous dragons need to be subdued

Evil fire-breathing monsters that destroy everything in their path are also abundant in games. This is where the field is not plowed in order to show its valor to the young, having defended the mother earth from the villain who is burning with flame. After all, the fight with this monster is not for the faint of heart. Remember the epics and tales, this will not be superfluous. These aggressively-minded mystical animals and heads can have up to twelve, and the ability to regenerate is excellent, in general, delay in the event of a death battle is similar.
There are dragons that destroy the cities of fairy kingdoms, there are centuries guarding princesses, and there are those who are simply in the service of evil magicians and sorcerers. In this case, the player even has the opportunity to make a fire-breathing friend in the future, only first you will have to fight not only him, but also the insidious wizard to defeat.

Игры Драконы

There are many such games where control is not limited to the mouse, but the adventures in them are just as exciting that you just don’t notice how quickly you learn all the intricacies of fighting a fire-breathing monster. Usually in such games you have to travel a lot, communicate all the time with someone, learning something new and getting another job. Somewhere, having defeated one dragon, one will have to defeat the other, but somewhere, on the contrary, the fire-breathing monster itself cannot be deprived of life in any case, because in the world of magic and wizardry dragons are often enchanted princes or princesses who do not want to do evil at all .

What is useful in games about dragons

Besides the fact that the players plunge into the magical world of fairy tales, colorful and unusually attractive, they also acquire a lot of useful and necessary skills. Quest games with items search items develop logical thinking and attention. After all, it is often necessary to continue to solve a lot of charades and puzzles, to participate in the creation of magic elixirs, and to search for missing amulets.

The border between good and evil is not immediately visible here, because to figure out which of the characters is the source of all troubles: a formidable monster that burns with flame, or some inconspicuous insidious magician trying to fool everyone with a head and calling to get rid of the unfortunate bewitched creatures as fast as possible. In all of this, you need to be able to figure it out, once in one of the fairy tales. Great music, great graphics and an amazingly twisted plot, that's what dragons games are famous for. That is why, once caught up in a fairy tale, many do not really hurry back, because it is always nice to imagine yourself as knights and princesses.