Shark Games

Игры Акулы картинка

                                   Shark games cannot be called cute and kind. But the fact of the matter is that we are all different and far from everyone wants to develop some kind of virtual farm, try on the role of a hairdresser or makeup artist, doctor or adventurer. It so happens that you want to feel like a predator, scaring others, or on the contrary try to tame a real monster, ready to destroy all life on its way. Shark games are made for those boys who are not afraid of difficulties and who are ready to fight with some of the most dangerous inhabitants of the depths.

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Игры не для слабых

Of course, shark games are not for sissies. And if you are not sure that you want to get an adrenaline rush, then it is better to choose some more relaxed game. If you are attracted by the view of the deep sea with the beauties of the underwater world and the desire to feel like a predator or just let off steam, then shark games are for you.

Conditionally, games about sharks can be divided into three categories:

  • К первой относятся добрые игры для маленьких геймеров с весьма приветливыми мультяшными акулками. На пазлах, в маджонгах и раскрасках и с морской тематикой эти грациозные хозяйки морей далеко не редкость. Можно встретить их и в играх про голодную рыбку, которой для того чтобы вырасти нужно пожирать себе подобных. Со временем в такой игрушке можно даже в кита превратиться.
  • The second should include those games where the player independently controls the actions of the bloodthirsty and insatiable fury, sweeping everything in its path.
  • By thirds - Games about brave hunters who are ready to stop the sea predator at all costs.

Sharks are not so guilty

The world is so arranged that everyone can’t be completely white and fluffy. Of course, the shark is a predator, but such a nature created it. And it was not her fault that in order to satisfy her hunger she needed meat, not seaweed and shellfish. These representatives of the deep sea are the best hunters of the underwater world. The skeleton of cartilage and the special ability of these predators to control the body and clearly coordinate movements with the help of fins along with excellently developed sense of smell and hearing make the shark especially dangerous.

However, this predator is an integral part of the ecosystem. It can easily be compared with a lone wolf, who is a nurse in the forest. Smelling blood even at a very considerable distance, this toothy beauty will try to get to the prey as quickly as possible. It is for this reason that sharks often migrate while moving behind schools of fish or vessels in search of easy prey.

Игры Акулы

This is exactly what nature ordered in relation to the owner of powerful jaws and sharp teeth, and a short excursion will allow everyone to make a final decision who still doubts whether it is worth playing such games and trying on the role of this treacherous tailed predator. According to the legends of some games, it was not without human intervention and the consequences of scientific experiments that got out of control. In games of such a plan, sharks not only terrify holidaymakers on the beaches, but they can easily eat a car and even get into a chopper by helicopter. To control such a predator, skill and a good reaction are needed.

After all, this formidable representative of the sea in the virtual, however, as in the real world, is able in a few moments not only to stop, but also to radically change the direction of movement. Very rarely only a mouse is used to control it. After all, the shark needs not only to move quickly and instantly navigate in a change of scenery, but also to work its jaws in full. It is also noteworthy that the player has the right to choose the treacherous beauties, which for some reason appeals to him more. There are gray sharks here, white and tiger, reefs also can’t do without it. compete with a shark. The equipment of ships, the choice of harpoons, and if necessary even bathyscaphes and diving suits, can be played in games of this kind for thrill-seekers. Someone prefers to harpoon a shark and try to pull it out, risking their own lives, rather than peacefully throw a fishing rod on a morning dawn.

Занятие не для слабонервных

Очень захватывающи и интересны те игры, в которых играющие выступают в роли смельчаков, решившихся потягаться с акулой. Экипировка судов, выбор гарпунов, а при необходимости даже батискафов и водолазных костюмов, могут быть обыграны в подобного рода играх для любителей острых ощущений. Кому-то больше по нраву загарпунить акулу и попытаться вытащить ее, рискуя при этом собственной жизнью, а не мирно закидывать удочку на утренней зорьке.

Игры Акулы

In addition, in a virtual world, a shark will not be able to bite, and therefore experience especially not at all, in case of unsuccessful hunting, you can simply start all over again. The arms, legs and head will remain in place. Some risk-seekers go even further; they set themselves the goal of not only catching this death machine, but also taming it. Not everyone can decide on this not only in reality, but even during virtual contact, because anyway, the self-preservation instinct still works.

In general, there are plenty of sharks in the virtual world, these are silent beauties inspired fear and horror not only on sailors, but also on marine inhabitants from time immemorial. Despite the risk of being eaten and the difficulties in communicating with these queens of the seas, desperate adventurers embark on adventures when searching for the treasures of sunken ships. The most important thing at the same time is the absence of fear, good equipment and the ability to swim quickly, so that in case of what not to become a delicious dinner for one of the toothy beauties. Shark games are very diverse and who you want to become a fun pirate, accustomed to constant risk or a research scientist studying the habits of marine life, decide for yourself.