Iron Man Games

Игры Железный человек картинка

                                   Those who are interested to know what it feels like to be a genius, not limited in their means and capabilities, must definitely get to know Tony Stark, who is also called an iron man. Perhaps, few people can get along at the same time with concepts of justice, caring for their neighbors and the talent of an unsurpassed businessman, given the fact that the subject of commercial activity is the arms trade. Tony Stark has long been one of the most famous heroes in the world, and with his participation more than 7 films about the Marvel universe have already been released. Iron Man Games - let you play as one of your favorite superheroes.

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От воротилы бизнеса до супергероя один шаг

The Iron Man was first discussed in the distant 1963, it was then that comics with the participation of this character appeared. He became popular quite quickly, and the not quite familiar legend did a good job of distinguishing him from the general mass of superheroes who existed at that time. able to fight, resist, able not only to defend their interests, but also to help others. And the iron man games, released both in films and in the cartoon, helped the audience even more immerse themselves in the Marvel universe. Moreover, the games were released both for computers and for mobile phones, as well as tablets and consoles. At least a few games are released annually with the participation of our beloved hero.

За это время создано немало художественных и анимационных фильмов повествующих о этом неординарном молодом человеке, способном бороться, противостоять, умеющим не только отстаивать свои интересы, но и помогать окружающим. А игры железный человек, выпущенные как по фильмам, так и по мультфильма, помогли зрителям еще больше погрузиться во вселенную Marvel. Причем игры были выпущены как для компьютеров, так и для мобильных телефонов, а также планшетов и приставок. Ежегодно выпускается как минимум несколько игр с участием нашего любимого героя.

How Tony Stark became an Iron Man

Being rich is certainly better than poor, but wealth itself is not a guarantee of that that a person will be happy, and his life will never be overshadowed by anything. Tony Stark has his own Achilles' heel, this is a wound in the chest. A piece of metal stuck inside, not allowing you to feel healthy and causing a lot of trouble. It was the desire to protect himself that prompted the young man the idea of ​​creating protective armor. At the same time, creating it, a young billionaire who inherited his father’s business at the age of 21, thought not only about himself, but also about the fact that he could incognito help others in this form. Indeed, in those circles where the young man had to rotate, by and large, few people were interested in other people's lives, but on the contrary, everything was done in order to multiply his fortune, creating all new weapons and arranging his uninterrupted production.

Игры Железный человек

Тяжело раненный Тони Старк оказался в плену у оружейного барона Вонг-Чу. Залогом успешного лечения талантливого изобретателя являлось участие в создании нового мощного оружия, способного унести много человеческих жизней. Друг Тони Хо Инсен, кстати бывший пленный, вместе с юношей принимавший участие в создании новой мощной брони, модифицированного экзоскелета, оснащенного вооружением, создает защитную пластину, чтобы сделать возможным побег Тонни из плена.

Of course, Tony Stark managed to escape, but Ho Insen was not lucky, he was killed. Perhaps this is precisely what became the impetus for the events unfolding a little later. Returning to his usual life, the young billionaire who is a philanthropist by nature, decides to lead a double life. On the one hand, it is a secular lion breaking women's hearts and a successful businessman, allowing himself absolutely everything, even a modernly equipped knight in armor in the form of a bodyguard, and on the other, an adventurer in an iron armored suit.

What is he, Iron Man

Tony Stark cannot be described as a person who is positive and impeccable in every way. He has more than shortcomings. There were times when he abused alcohol. In the personal life of a young man, too, not everything goes smoothly. Something, but the order in it is sorely lacking. But in the suit of Iron Man, everything becomes different, as if the moment of truth comes, not only for the villains, but also for the most talented inventor.

Игры Железный человек

If at the beginning of his existence, Tony Stark dealt with enemies in one way or another connected with him personally and paid what he deserved for his grievances, then over time, both in games and in cinema, he consciously began to protect humanity from those who used to the detriment of its development. His corporation Stark Industries has developed more than one technology that can both help people and harm them. Iron man, realizing this, tried to take full responsibility for all his inventions. In part, this is why he often donates a lot of money to charity and, despite the dangers, fights with many greedy enemies, among whom there are competitors and just people who are eager to achieve world domination at all costs.

There is nothing in armor scary

Having excellent armor in the arsenal and being practically invulnerable, Iron Man does great things in films and cartoons, as well as in computer games. Stark can even fly using reactive boots that are part of the suit. A superhero can easily raise up to 70 tons, and this is during normal operation. The inventor's helmet is equipped with scanners and a communication device, the suit itself includes, in addition to armor, various types of weapons: flamethrowers, rockets, laser systems. There is also a uniluch in Stark’s costume, capable of emitting light energy of various kinds, and if the action of extremis is added to all this, it becomes clear that Iron Man has tremendous potential and has superhuman strength.

Fighting evil Tony Stark is not always necessary alone. In many animated series and feature films, superheroes combine to fight evil. They have to fight not only with sophisticated criminals and terrorists of all stripes, but also with representatives of other worlds. In general, from the team of the Avengers, each of those who conceived the evil, it is better to stay away. Even each of them individually can withstand a whole army, and what can we say about all together.
The story of Iron Man has a beginning, but the end of his adventures is not visible. Watching Tony Stark is always interesting. He has many fans around the world and this fact will never be able to be questioned by anyone. And games about the iron man will allow you not only to play as a superhero, but also let you know other storylines not shown in films and cartoons.