Games Young Titans Ahead

Игры Юные титаны вперед картинка

Dreamed of being a superhero and saving the world from invading invaders? Young Titans Ahead games are right for you! These cool teens with superpowers have long been watching the world in their hometown. The leader of the young saviors of the Earth is Robin. This is titanium, without superpowers, but with modern gadgets and a sharp mind that helps you get out of hopeless situations. His companions - the beautiful Starfire, the inventive Cyborg, the stern Raven and the cheerful Beast - they live together in the T-tower.

Young titans attract a comedic look at the life of superheroes, only the brave guys seem to get it all. Especially when you're a teenager. On the nose is love, acne and dreams of adulthood, career and wealth. One of the most popular games is strategy, fight criminals by clicking on them with the mouse and select the necessary attacks. Among other games there are shooters, rpg and puzzles, choose any!

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