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Игры Хоррор картинка

Buuuu! Do you hear the wind howling outside the window? Are you sure you tightly closed the windows? Suddenly a werewolf lurked behind your window and today is just the full moon, well, this is bad news - you are in great danger. Still not scared? Then turn on real horror games that will surely make you shake with fear, be careful - monsters can be behind any door.

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Игра Голодная акула 2 Hungry shark 2
4.2 || | 335
Игра Doom 3 онлайн Doom 3
Игра Майнкрафт Слендермен Minecraft Slenderman
4.1 | || 760
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Раз, два, Фредди заберет тебя

If you are a fan of tickling nerves, then horror games are for you. Think for a second what exactly you are most afraid of. Only for a second, not longer, suddenly a small but completely unfriendly ghost was already lurking behind.

Игры хоррор

If you still find it difficult to choose a horror story for the evening, then perhaps the following online horror games will appeal to you:

  • a frightening house - darkness, gloomy and you can hear only the whisper of leaves, you hit the ominous castle on the top of the hill - you should look into every corner of it;
  • you think that the bed and bedroom are your friends, it's not so simple, because the evil animatrons from Five Nights at Freddy’s go around and the only goal is to kill you;
  • woke up from the fact that the evil clown is looking out the window and is going to have fun with you, congratulations, your new neighbor is Pennywise, which means it's time to get out of this damned place.

Three, four, lock the door in the apartment

Honestly, not everyone can play the horror game. You need to have nerves of steel and, preferably, be very brave, because otherwise you will then toss and turn for a long time in bed, trying to fall asleep after a night of horrors. Although, who said that sleeping is safe, there is always a serial killer from Nightmare on Elm Street, who just kills people while they sleep.

Мертвый город в хоррор игре

Have you read to the end and are still ready to play horror stories? Well, you are a real daredevil. Choose any location - mazes, dungeons or ominous caves. Play with your favorite monsters - be it terrifying Slenderman, zombies or treacherous vampires. The last tip for fans of the horror genre is better to run before it's too late!