Survival Games

Игры Выживание картинка

No one ever knows what fate will prepare for him tomorrow. For example, if it comes to the apocalypse, then the dead are likely to rise from the graves and begin to kill the living. Given that the average person has no experience in such matters, as a warm-up you can turn on survival games and practice them. It is unknown when the end of the world will come, and an experienced hunter is always in price.

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Игра Орион Orion
Игра Город-призрак Ghost town
4 || | 672
Игра Убей всех зомби Kill all the zombies
4.3 || | 808
Игра Зомби на ферме Zombies on the farm
4.7 || | 930
Игра Монстр на свободе The monster is free
3.9 || | 952
Игра Одна ночь с Флампи One night with Flampy
4.1 || | 1074
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Зомби – твой главный враг

Games about survival are a very popular genre among horror. There's something about killing zombies that attracts players. The living dead are very dangerous because they are terribly ugly and eat brains. You will want to return them to their proper place - to the graves. There is plenty of room for fantasy, in such toys you can choose any weapon - a gun, a shotgun or a baseball bat.

Игры выживание

Now even the smallest can play zombie survival, because versions have appeared specifically for them. What can I say, walkers have become terribly popular over the past few years and it's hard to ignore. Obviously, the main charm of such games is that in real life you are unlikely to ever be able to kill zombies, so you have to shred the undead in games about the "flesh eaters".

What other online survival games are there

As you know, not only the uprising of the walking dead will give an occasion to learn how to survive. For example, after a shipwreck, finding yourself on a desert island and you will be able to know how, in fact, it is romantic to be Robinson and search on the island of Friday.

Зомби на острове в игре на выживание

There are other options that may attract in such games. You can easily find yourself in a sort of Jurassic Park, only dinosaurs are not there at all in the pens, but they are scouring the jungle and are unlikely to be friendly. In addition, such games provide an opportunity to test your survival skills in other locations: new planets, dense forests or ruthless deserts. Just like Darwin, the fittest survives!