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Игры Время Приключений картинка

                                   Everyone sees the world of the future differently. To the American animators who created the animated series Adventure Time, it turned out to be not quite ordinary, but not without appeal. Our planet, located in the post-apocalyptic space, is called Uuu Earth there, it is mainly inhabited by mutants and mysterious fairy-tale characters, and surviving people who have not undergone mutations can be counted on the fingers. Adventure Time games with Fin and Jake will help you immerse yourself in this incredible world in which everything is different from what it is in real life. Take part in the adventures of two main characters!

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С Фином и Джейком скучать не придется

Mystics and magic in the series are more than enough, and the distant and not very bright future, in which events unfold in this virtual world is nothing but the consequences of a nuclear disaster that befell the Earth 996 years ago. In the time of the Earth of Uuu, this catastrophe is usually called the great war of mushrooms, but how many mushroom clouds rose in the past over our long-suffering planet, history is simply silent.
It all started in January 2007 with a pilot series.

And in April 2010, the first season of unusual adventures of a young man named Fin and his friend dog named Jake was presented to the court of science fiction. To date, the series has 7 seasons, and this is about 170 episodes. In addition, on the Internet, and beyond, Adventure Time games are widespread. Moreover, you can download such games not only for a personal computer, but also for all kinds of game consoles and devices.

Игры Время Приключений

This is far from the end, because the time of adventures, besides fantastic ones, never ends. Watching the optimistic kid Fin and his friend a dog endowed with fantastic abilities is always interesting. You can do this starting with any series. In principle, all adventures are different, they can be watched separately, while the chronology in them is respected. By the fifth season, the main character became two years older.

Between a 12 year old kid, one of the few surviving people and a 28 year old dog who has an interesting ability to take all kinds of forms, the warmest relationship has developed. It can be assumed that these two grew up together, since Jake's parents found the little boy in the forest when he was still a baby. Since then, they have become stepbrothers. Together they save the princesses, fall in love together, share their impressions and look for new adventures. Moreover, the more dangerous these very adventures, the more inseparable a couple’s life is. Get to know them better.

A bit about Fin

Fin is a very brave kid with a heightened sense of justice, always in a hurry to help those who need her.

Kind and sociable. It does not differ in particularly developed intelligence, but considers itself to be a real hero, responsible for the calm of the weak and humiliated. Does not part with a white helmet-shaped hat with ears. In his arsenal there are several magic swords. The subject of his adoration is a princess named Bublgum, sweet in the literal sense of the word, because she herself is made of sweet biomass, and instead of her hair she has real chewing gum. Not without musical data, has a hearing and a pretty good voice, especially after swallowing a mini-computer, trying to play many musical instruments.

He very much appreciates friendship with Jake, whose father he considers to be his own. It is with great pleasure that she rescues the princesses from the many traps of the Snow King, who has the manic inclinations of the holder of the magic crown, who, by all means, is going to marry one of them. Separately, we can mention the games with Fin and Jake, where two friends are also always together, but undoubtedly Fin is the main one in their company.

Often, in an adventure, he finds himself in an alternative reality. There, the kid has one of the hands of iron. Despite all the difficulties encountered on the way, he is always looking for new adventures, and there are more than enough of them in the magical world of the land of Uuu.

A little about Jake

Jake is a mutated dog, resembling a bulldog with the ability to transform. Has a criminal past. He stole for a very long time until he realized that it was bad. About how and when Jake found insight, the story is silent. Erudite and competent. One of the few characters in the fictional world who know Korean. Maybe it was this fact that laid the foundation for his relationship with Lady Radugorog, who at first was just his girlfriend, and eventually became the mother of his children. By the way, when Jake met the parents of his beloved, he accidentally nearly lost Finn's company, who considered the kid to be Jake's servant and were even going to eat him as a holiday treat. Not many people guess, but there are clothes on Jake, namely trousers woven from an invisible web by beautiful fairies.

Jake is not very easy to climb. He loves Finn very much, but sometimes he thinks for a long time whether he needs to come to the rescue of a friend, but at the last moment he always makes the right decision.

The ability to transform greatly helps friends while traveling. Jack can stretch in breadth or height, become a bruiser or shrink, he can even turn into a rug or a parachute, if necessary for a just cause. In computer games, he will also have the ability to transform.

The fairytale environment of the cartoon Adventure Time

The world of the lands of Uuu is unique and interesting. In it, the vampire queen Marceline does not drink anyone's blood at all, but simply does not like daylight and absorbs the red color, while she simply loves rock music and gets along with numerous princesses, including sweet princess Bublgum, Princess Slime, Fiery princess and Princess Hot -Dog, as well as Princess Berry and Turtle. In general, there are more than enough princesses here, each of them needs help, some of the Ice King's harassment is worth it, but besides them, believe me, there are enough troubles as well. another of brave adventurers is the BiMO mini-computer that lives with them, capable of not only expressing emotions, but also turning into various household appliances. By the way, if friends need to visit one of the parallel worlds for some reason, this is also for him.

Игры Время Приключений

Сказочные персонажи запросто уживаются здесь с чудесами технического прогресса, так лучшим другом отважных любителей приключений является живущий с ними мини-компьютер БиМО, способный не только проявлять эмоции, но и превращаться в различные бытовые приборы. Кстати, если друзьям зачем-то понадобиться побывать в одном из параллельных миров, так это тоже к нему.

In general, Fin and Jake have a lot of work, they never have to sit idle, but adventures friends are so fascinating and unusual that they deserve attention anyway. In addition to the cartoon, passing the Adventure Time games you can plunge even deeper into the virtual world of this unusual universe of the future. In addition, the time of adventure has not yet ended, which means that there is still a lot of interesting things ahead of us.