Games Thief Bob

Игры Воришка Боб картинка

                                   Sometimes you want to do some kind of prank or dirty trick. Most likely, others will not understand your desires and will be very critical of such behavior. Well, it’s quite possible to harm yourself during the game of the Thief Bob, and no one decree you, because you save the world from corruption and bad people. Can you go through all the missions and not fail where others have long surrendered?

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Кто такой грабитель Боб

The thief Bob (or you can just Bob) is the main character, a smart and smart child, dressed in a black mask and a green hat, with a blue feather stuck in it, and for some reason, preferring to wear prison uniforms. The cunning thief is a real traveler, during his adventures he visited Paris and even Russia. For example, in one of the games, a mysterious woman hires a hero for a top-secret undercover mission and sends him to meet the danger.

Игры воришка Боб

Get ready for a constant action! Inside the game, the burglar bob, you can not be distracted for a second, otherwise the evil adults will certainly grab your hero. You need to be quiet and inconspicuous, penetrate surveillance cameras and harsh security guards, open locks and break open electrical panels.

The mechanics of the game

Each level consists of several floors, which you need to go in order and achieve a certain goal, neutralizing enemies along the way. Along the way, you will encounter various obstacles that need to be passed as quietly as possible. Try not to be caught!

Увлекательная игра воришка Боб

In total, the game has 4 parts and one addition to the second season. In order to play the thief bob online you only need a keyboard, you need to control the character using the arrows - left and right to move the character, up to interact with objects. Do not waste time, because only you can help Vorishka Bob in his difficult business.