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Игры Солдаты картинка

                                   Among the numerous games for boys, a special place is played by games about soldiers. This is quite natural, because every boy is a warrior in his soul, and it is always pleasant to feel like a brave person who is able to protect anyone who needs help. In addition, you can easily try yourself in the role of a commander, and, of course, get invaluable experience too. Games soldiers allow children to become commanders and make decisions on the conduct of various military operations, very quickly making a military career.

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Игра Царь King
4.3 || | 292
Игра Fresdoka io Fresdoka io
4.2 || | 325
Игра Лесное агентство Forest Agency
4.5 || | 534
Игра Ворота барона Baron’s gate
4.3 || | 755
Игра Отважные солдаты Brave soldiers
4.3 || | 966
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Самые популярные игры для мальчиков

Any boy is interested in visiting a real special forces base or taking part in some kind of arcade battle, trying on the role of a fearless warrior to once again save the world. And the soldiers' games allow this.
Colorful strategies and platformers, shooters and shooters, all of them are very interesting in their own way. Good physics is not uncommon here, but rather a rule of good form. Many of the games are also realistic, and the amazing graphics and thoughtful soundtrack, in addition to everything else, make games whose main characters are soldiers especially in demand in a boyish environment.

Being a virtual soldier is not easy, but always interesting. Players can always choose something interesting for themselves. Great diverse strategies in which a fighter needs to hone his skills all the time, improve his level of training and strive to defeat the enemy as quickly as possible are very interesting. Here you will have to constantly think over each of your moves, since the outcome of a military operation often depends on competent and clear-cut actions.

Игры солдаты

Screenshot from Call of Duty Ghosts, Infinity Ward, Raven Software
Neversoft Entertainment.

This is where you can show all your talents and abilities. Brave paratroopers and scouts, infantrymen and sailors, fearless pilots and tankers, heroes of special forces, all of them appear together or separately in numerous exciting games. Sometimes you have to manage entire armies here, and sometimes you yourself obey implicitly the orders of others. The situation on the battlefield is always tense to the limit.

In addition to imitators and simulators in which you have to master modern weapons, there are those where you need to fight with forks and spears. Strategies whose actions unfold during the time of the Roman Empire look very beautiful. Computer stories in which soldiers armed with different types of weapons need to save civilization from the invasion of dinosaurs or aggressors from other galaxies also look colorful and unique.

Something about control and not only

Each of the warrior games is interesting in its own way. Among them are Rimbaud and Ben-10, the heroes of the shock detachment and the heroes of the militants, each with their own capabilities and abilities, but the goal is to fulfill the task at all costs and not save the difficulties. It has never been easy to be a defender, because defending some, in any case, you will have to offend others, those who want power and domination of the world. There are a lot of positive aspects in the games about plan soldiers, they teach them to think logically, choose the right decisions, and be responsible for their actions and deeds. In some of them, the developers took care not only about the possibility of upgrading weapons and ammunition, but also about the presence of a bloodless regime, which can be easily selected in the options.

Игры солдаты

Screenshot from Call of Duty Ghosts, Infinity Ward, Raven Software
Neversoft Entertainment.

Typically, very few of the soldier games are easy to manage. One mouse is not enough here, because soldiers are capable of much. They run and jump, shoot, change weapons on the go, crouch and crawl in a plastubsky way, dodge the numerous attacks of the enemy. To perform various maneuvers often use the arrow keys and spacebar. Provided that two people are playing or as an alternative, WASD keys will also be in demand. Often, a number of other keys are also used to change weapons. On the one hand, this requires some skills from the players, and on the other, it makes stories about soldiers more interesting.

Anyone can choose a game about soldiers to their liking. Everyone will find something to their liking. It remains only to decide what kind of soldier you would like to become. And you can do it differently. Today to be a Roman legionnaire, tomorrow - the commander in chief of the army, and a day later a fearless warrior fighting a zombie or other evil spirits on Earth or in outer space.