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Игры война картинка

                                   Well, is there at least someone familiar with the computer who at least once did not participate in virtual military battles, or as they are called in the common people - war? This is especially true for boys, since there are very few girls who are fond of firing automatic rifles, riding tanks and setting troops at predetermined positions. Such popularity of war games is connected, first of all, with the fact that in every boy there lives a brave warrior and commander who is eager for battle. We have selected for you the most interesting and popular online war games that you can enjoy on our website! Have fun and engage in peacekeeping, saving friends from dangers.

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Игра Царь King
Игра Masked Forces 3 Masked Forces 3
4 | || 626
Игра Солдатики Soldiers
4.4 || | 758
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Основные жанры военных игр

All mini-games about the war are divided into several genres, which we will tell you about now.

The very first and most popular genre are games from the first faces. It is believed that they are the ones that allow the most to get into the online universe of large-scale battles and ruthless fights with death. Most often in such wars, you will be a professional special agent rushing into battle and striving to fulfill the mission assigned to his shoulders. Your playing field will most often be done in fairly good 3D, from 2004-2005. Control consists of moving the wasd keys or arrows, and ctrl, space bar or the left mouse button is responsible for firing. The choice of weapons is quite large - here you have m16, Kalashnikov and a revolver, and sometimes even grenade launchers and laser rifles may be available.

Игры про войну

Screenshot from Battlefield 3, of the company Electronic Arts.

In this genre you may be able to access not only character control, but also driving a car, tank, or even a military aircraft. Opponents in such games are often quite “stupid” and have few lives, which is why they are eliminated with just a few shots, which makes this action quickly bother, especially if you are not offered any interesting scenario or variety of opponents. You may also meet bosses, the destruction of which will have to spend quite a bit of vital energy and time. Of the bonuses, first-aid kits, armor replenishment, ammunition and new types of weapons are most often available.

Strategies about the war

The second genre is strategies. Most often they work in 2D or pseudo 3D modes and are an adaptation of old games, such as the first starcraft, warcraft and the like. The action in such strategies most often takes place in a fictional universe or in the world of the future, but it happens that the action takes place in our universe, for example, in the great Patriotic war.

Картинка из игры про войну

Screenshot from Blitzkrieg II, 1C.

As for the simplicity of passing, the strategies are clearly inferior to the previous genre; at the last levels, the gamer needs experience, the ability to think and make the right logical moves. But strategies drag out much more, so get ready to spend more than one hour of your time on their passage. Often, strategies require developing your base, building new buildings, recruiting troops, and only then destroy your opponents. At one time, the game War of the Worlds was very popular, but later it was forgotten and unfortunately it happens with many strategies that were stopped by the developers.

Less popular categories

  • Third a major genre of such games are arcades from 3 persons, in which you have to go through level after level, destroying hundreds, and sometimes even thousands of enemies. Most often, such arcades work in 2D or pseudo 3D mode and very often are a port from old games that worked on consoles and sometimes even dandies. But there are new arcades, and some even have a plot, but, unfortunately, such a minority. Management in arcades is most often carried out by the keyboard and is limited to walking and shooting from several types of weapons. However, due to its dynamics, arcades can drag you out even for one evening.
  • Well, the last major genre of war games is defense, which translates as defense. A similar genre is divided into several varieties: firstly, it can be a tower defense, then it will be located in the middle or on the right side of the playing field, and you have to protect it from opponents who can be anyone, starting from monsters, zombies and aliens, and ending with ordinary terrorists. You can defend the tower thanks to small arms, magic and various bonuses invented by the developers. With each new level, protecting the tower from many enemies becomes harder and harder, making you more and more involved in this process. The second variety is considered not just the protection of one structure or military base, but the destruction of chains of enemies going through its territory. Destroy the chain will have to be using the cannons installed on the territory of the base. Such guns have several properties - they can shoot with destructive, slowing and paralyzing shells. War games of the Defense genre are very addictive for gamers, so they can keep you busy for at least a few hours.

Management and features

As we already wrote, the management in most of these games is quite straightforward and most often consists of just a couple of keys. First of all, war games are intended for boys dreaming of great battles and battles. But they are suitable for girls who like to shoot monsters and other enemies. Due to the fact that small children come to our site, we try to select military simulations that are safe for the psyche and not scary.