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                                   Few people guess, but there is a man in the world who has managed to win the hearts of millions of young girls. In order to do this for the talented Italian animator Iginio Straffi, and it’s about him now, I just had to come up with a story about the Winx and tell these amazing winged creatures to the whole world. In just a few years, the story about fairies won the hearts of many girls around the world and remains today one of the most popular animated and game series. Everyone can now play Winx games for girls, thanks to hundreds of games distributed on the Internet for free.

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Игра Свидание Блум Dating Bloom
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Cartoon Winx

Today, the television series, the first season of which falls on 2004, has not lost its popularity, but on the contrary has become practically a cult. One of the reasons for such a staggering success is undeniably that the protagonists of this incredible project are young and talented, handsome, kind and successful. To all their virtues, young pretty women know how to dress stylishly, always look fashionable, are slightly trained to conjure, and in between studies at the school of sorceresses they save the world from time to time.

Игры Винкс

Today there are about 150 episodes that tell about adventures charming young fairies from the VINKS club, work on the project continues, which means that there are still many fascinating stories ahead of the audience about the magical adventures of the beloved heroines. In addition to cartoons, many other dolls, toys, accessories and exciting Winx computer games were released.

How the world in which fairies live is

Somewhere in the vast expanses of the Winx universe, there is a magical dimension of Magix whose inhabitants are fairies and wizards, magicians and sorcerers, in general, creatures gifted with any supernatural abilities. And in order to develop certain abilities, you need to study, and not just anywhere, but in specialized schools. There are three of them in the dimension: the Alpheus School, in which the good fairies comprehend all the wisdom of magic, the Cloud Tower, an institution for teaching witches of black magic and other abominations of a similar plan, and Red Fountain, a men's school, whose students are called specialists. The main specialization of this institution is teaching the art of magic defense.

Игры Винкс

Representatives of various planets of the magic dimension of the Winx send their children to study in these three institutions. In schools of this kind, everyone is equal, despite the difference in status, and all because supernatural abilities have special value on the other side of reality. Many of the students are princes and princesses, but at the same time they are on an equal footing with everyone, not at all showing their superiority to others.

Youth takes its toll. In the magical world of Winx, they not only study, they fall in love and find out relationships among themselves, quarrel, reconcile, and help each other. And if classes are skipped here, it’s not only because I’m not averse to having fun at one of the many balls or receptions, but also in the name of saving the world and restoring justice.

Bloom and her environment

Bloom is a red-haired beauty with blue eyes. The main character of the Winx. The daughter of the rulers of the planet Domino, who for a very long time did not suspect either of her origin, much less that she was a fairy. Up to 16 years old she was brought up on Earth in a family of adoptive parents, not even realizing that wizards actually exist. She is very smart, energetic, easily converges with people, has outstanding organizational skills. It was she who came up with the name of the Winx club, which was cheered by her friends. From time to time he misses classes at the school of sorceresses with the noble purpose of saving the world. In this case, the girl does not have knowledge gaps, as she is very gifted by nature. Uses dragon fire powers. Prince Skye's girlfriend. Winx Games most often tells about the adventures of Bloom.

Игры Винкс

Stella - Long-haired blonde with brown eyes. Slightly frivolous, but at the same time responsive and kind princess. Home planet - Solarium. Very worried about the gap between parents. She is indifferent to her studies, prefers shopping and salon trips. Very cares about his appearance. It uses the magic of the sun and moon. Not indifferent to a specialist named Brandon.

Muse is a girl with a very remarkable appearance. Dark blue hair and an eastern slit in the eyes set her apart from her friends. Home planet - Nebula. The parents of the Muses are not of noble birth. Diligent and diligent in everything. She takes her studies very seriously. Uses the power of music and harmony. He plays many musical instruments. He is friends with a young man named Riven. Muse, like Bloom, can often be found in games with Winx, and the largest number of thematic accessories was created with it.

Flora is a green-eyed owner of luxurious light brown hair. Home planet - Linfia. Uses the forces of nature. Not very decisive. In the company of flowers, she feels more confident. Inclined takes care of others, even if they are enemies. Maintains a relationship with a guy named Helia. Winx is the most popular heroine of games and cartoons.

Leila is a dark-skinned blue-eyed brown-haired woman with long curly hair. True princess. On the home planet of Andros, when raising a girl, a lot of time was devoted to the intricacies of etiquette. Graceful, knows how to behave in society, while not arrogant. Sometimes quick-tempered and impulsive. It doesn't converge very easily with people. It uses the magic of water and gravity, can extract magical properties even with chewing gum. She loves to dance. Girlfriend of Prince Naboo.

Other heroes

  • Tekna is a young green-eyed beauty with dark crimson hair. Home planet Zenith. He is fond of all kinds of technology, which sometimes interferes with it even in studies. Uses the power of technology. Meets a specialist named Timmy.
  • Aisi, Darcy, and Stormy are the best of the Cloud Tower students who earned the nickname Trix. True witches in the magical world of Winx. Insidious, cunning, power-hungry, capable of meanness and filth. Always and in everything they try to prevent fairies from the Winx club. They hate each other fiercely, sometimes they don’t even hide it. They help evil forces in every possible way, chaos is their native element.
  • Pixies are small winged fairies, eternal companions of Winx girls. They are a kind of guardian angels. They have their own magic. Sometimes they are very useful in the work of saving the world. Pixies are found in many Winx games, and besides, there is a series of games about them.

Winx club fairies can be watched endlessly. The only transformations that are worth it: the charmix and enchantix, the use of magic pollen, bilivix and sophix, and of course such power as loveix love makes girls simply invincible in the fight against evil. In each series, they defeat one of the villains, restore justice not only in the magical dimension, but also far beyond it.

In search of artifacts, they move from one world to another, famously crack down on evil magicians , monsters and other monsters, restoring universal justice. Moreover, they always have time for love and communication with each other, and sometimes it is enough even for study. In addition to watching cartoons, girls can play Winx online and free on our website, helping their beloved fairies cope with many difficult and dangerous trials, as well as solving fascinating logical tasks.