Games Farm Frenzy

Игры Веселая ферма картинка

Almost everyone has fond memories of summer. For some it’s a trip abroad to the sea, for others it’s a summer cottage or a trip to my grandmother in the village. Well, if such a granny has a garden and household, you can learn how to care for animals, how to feed and maintain them. If this is difficult to do, but you want to get animals, then turn on the fun farm games. In them you will definitely become the best farmer in the district.

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Так ли весело играть в ферму?

To be honest, yes. Be prepared that games about a fun farm will drag you in earnest. We even recommend that you immediately release a whole day off for them, because you yourself will not notice how many hours fly by while you play a fun farm online. Of course, the farm requires close attention on the part of the player, because downtime will cost you a pretty penny.

Mechanics and controls

Игры веселая ферма

At the beginning of the game you will have a small area on which you will need to plant plants and harvest. Selling it in the market, you will gain experience and earn money so that they can further develop your farm. You don’t have time to look around and you will already have a whole farm consisting of cows, sheep, goats and other inhabitants of the farm.

Игра веселая ферма Мадагаскар

It’s most convenient to play with the mouse, almost all the time you will have to click on different places on your site, plan how and where to better allocate resources. For example, to make butter you need milk, that is, you cannot sell all your stocks right away. When you put the goods on the stream, everything will happen almost automatically, and you, as a real farmer, will only have to follow what is happening and enjoy the game, especially since it is absolutely free.